Review: Chocolate Croissant TODAY Café Universal Studios Florida


Recently, I wandered into the TODAY Café at Universal Studios Florida theme park. While there, I spotted a chocolate croissant. Many of us connect the croissant to French origins. However, did you know that French royalty of the past possessed an obsession with chocolate also? French King Louis XVI and his famous wife, Marie Antoinette, displayed a preoccupation with chocolate.

Chocolate Croissant TODAY Café

Though you would not expect the chocolate croissant at TODAY Cafe to reach royal levels, you might develop an obsession with it and the price will not damage your budget. For $3.79, before applicable discounts, this makes an inexpensive treat.

This croissant will not blow you away with incredible flavor. While eating this, you will not feel like Marie Antoinette in the 1700s, with her own personal chocolate maker, but you can have a modern day moment with your chocolate.

Recently when I took a moment, I ordered the Chocolate Croissant from the TODAY Café. This croissant brings a nice texture. The croissant, on this day, had some of the usual flakiness. It could have tasted fresher, but it was of decent quality.  This croissant contains small pockets of chocolate. Some of them can be seen before breaking it open.

However, more pockets of chocolate exist within the croissant. Yes, there are only a few pockets of chocolate. Based on the nature of the croissant, it will occasionally smack your taste buds with the chocolate flavors within. However, Marie Antoinette would probably be disappointed by the small amount of chocolate contained within the exterior.  Still, one must remember that this croissant costs less than four dollars at a theme park.

Chocolate Croissant TODAY Café

I view this chocolate croissant as something other than a must-have item. Still, the price point and quality merit this being an excellent snack option. It made a nice option for taking a break from running around Universal Studios Florida. This rings especially true if you arrive at TODAY café finding no one waiting in the queue as I did on my last visit there.

If you have eaten this croissant before, let us know in the comments below. If Marie Antoinette had given the French people some croissants instead of allegedly telling them to eat cake, things might have gone differently for her. This chocolate croissant will only solve some of your theme park dining desires.

Also, you can check out our review of the” Wise Guys Platter” at TODAY Café. Yet, it makes an excellent option to be aware of. As always, eat like you mean it!

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