Review: Brisket Philly Tots at Green Eggs and Ham in Islands of Adventure


My undying love for the tots at Green Eggs and Ham in Islands of Adventure continues to this day. Even if they adjust prices, I continue to order these items. In preparation for the talk of “pizza fries” at Halloween Horror Nights, you should know that pizza tots taste way better than pizza fries. That premise continues as a personal proclamation. “Pizza Tots” and “Buffalo Chicken Tots” sit atop the guest’s preference list at this food location. However, they offer more than just those two options at Green Eggs and Ham.

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Caputzal

During a recent trip to Islands of Adventure, I found myself hungry after several experiences with the Jurassic World Velocicoaster. I passed Green Eggs and Ham around 9:30am seeing the food stand open. I quickly decided that morning would be my first time to eat the “Brisket Philly Tots” there. Yet, I had concerns selecting this for breakfast. Yet, that failed to stop me. Since I had never eaten the brisket ones before, I thought that day should be the day.

So, how did this meal go? First, the “Brisket Philly Tots” cost $9.99. The menu board describes these covered tater tots as shaved brisket, onions, peppers, and white cheese sauce over tater tots. The peppers served with this are green peppers.

On the positive side, the brisket possessed a decent flavor. The portion size of brisket provided good value. The onion and peppers were provided with abundance in this entrée. Discussing this with other people previously, I was warned the white cheddar sauce tastes okay. However, it often gives a weak texture especially if it gets cold. For my dining experience, the cheese tasted solid. I can understand the texture concern. Yet, I did not experience that on this day. The tater tots tasted fresh and crispy. Also, the tots held up to the potential soggy factor very well. This menu item avoided the potential of burnt edges like other options here. For the most part, I enjoyed these tater tots.

On the negative side, the brisket flavor did taste good but seemed to lack something. Like many theme park food items, the main protein depends on other ingredients for flavor. In addition, the brisket came in larger pieces than I would prefer. The onions and peppers portion overwhelmed the rest of dish sometimes. The quantity of vegetables exceeded the need. However, complaining about too much food at a theme park for under $10 feels like a shallow criticism.

Leftover onions

This menu item provides good value. I still find it to be a weaker option compared to the buffalo chicken and pizza version. However, the “Brisket Philly Tots” make a good snack and a light lunch to keep you moving during your theme park day.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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