Review: “Brain Freezin’ D-Oh-nut Sundae” From Lard Lad’s at Universal Studios Florida


Since we have a new retro movie theatre themed tribute store at Universal Studios Florida, the talk of former attractions increases. Many people speak with fondness of the former Back to the Future attraction at Universal Studios Florida. As happens over time, we forget the bad aspects and remember only the good. I confess guilt wishing for the former Back to the Future attraction instead of current Simpsons themed attraction myself. Still, without the creation of Springfield, USA, we might still be stuck with a horrible food court in that area. Also, I possess great confidence that “Lard Lad’s Donuts” would not exist unless Springfield, USA grew from ashes of the former area.

Lard Lad’s offers donuts as you would expect. “The Big Pink” doughnut gets lots of camera time due to its enormous size for a doughnut. Yet, another sweet treat attracts many guests. The “Brain Freezin’ D-Oh-nut Sundae” provides a sugar rush that Homer Simpson would be proud to call his own. This sundae involves chocolate or vanilla soft serve ice cream within a sliced sprinkled pink frosted doughnut. Each sundae comes with whipped cream and a topping of your choice. Of course, a cherry resides on top of the sundae.

The ice cream is better than average. Of course, it fails to reach the level of Florean Fortescue’s over in Diagon Alley area. However, I do not see an option in Wizarding World for ice cream and a doughnut. The toppings rate as above average with this sweet treat. The deciding factor on quality of this sundae related directly to the doughnut.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog
Hand Modeling by Jon Self

In fairness, this opinion comes from no inside media information. However, the doughnuts that should serve as king of this doughnut sundae often taste average. I am on record declaring Voodoo Doughnuts has a superior “Pink” doughnut at Universal Orlando. However, the Lard Lad version tend to taste fresher earlier in day. Perhaps they arrive fresh from the doughnut wintry garden early in morning. Later in day, the freshness factor sometimes drops to an average doughnut. In my opinion, guests might get a fresh doughnut. However, they might get one that the ice cream makes doughnuts taste like winter.

In fairness, this sundae costs only $6.99. Even if you get unlucky in terms of doughnut quality, the value still shines with this doughnut sundae. If you want great ice cream, go to Diagon Alley. If you want a better doughnut, go to Voodoo Doughnut. Yet, if the concept of both together intrigues you, give this a try.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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