Review: Bocadillo Sandwich and Paella Mixto from Mardi Gras Spain Food Truck Universal Studios Florida

Mardi Gras Spain

Frequent visitors to Universal Studios Florida have grown used to see a food truck in the San Francisco area of Universal Studios Florida. For many seasonal events, this food truck sold mac and cheese dishes. However, for Mardi Gras this year, the food truck transformed into the Mardi Gras Spain food and beverage location.

Mardi Gras Spain

Even though this food truck disappeared for a few days during the first week of Mardi Gras, some food items demanding a look are sold there. The two main food items sold here are a Paella Mixto and a Bocadillo Sandwich.

Mardi Gras Spain

Paella Mixto ($9.99)

This Paella Mixto consists of saffron yellow rice, chorizo sausage, squid, mussels, and shrimp. The menu description sounds like a Mardi Gras item with bountiful riches of flavors. This menu item comes in a larger than you would expect plastic pan. Overall, the portion size of this food festival items exceeds normal expectations.

Still, how does it taste? We found the rice tasted average. Of course, the rice should not outshine the other more powerful flavors in this paella. The squid and mussels presented better than anticipated quality to this paella. Some guests will struggle with the texture of both of those components. Still, they improve this paella. The shrimp and sausage brought above average flavor to this combination. Overall, we felt this Mardi Gras Spain food options deserve high marks for theme park guests.

Spanish Bocadillo ($8.49)


This sandwich served on a baguette comes with serrano ham, drunken goat cheese, and parsley sauce. This bocadillo brings better flavor than many quick service options at Universal Studios Florida. We wonder why anyone would visit Richter’s Burger Co. nearby, except for air conditioning and the freestyle machines, when this food truck sells this sandwich.

Mardi Gras Spain

The baguette works very well supporting and adding flavor to this sandwich. The parsley sauce augments this sandwich more than we assumed it would. The ham and goat cheese components create a very pleasant experience for diners.

The only negatives involve potential of some people being averse to goat cheese and the fact that the sandwich components may fall out of the baguette as you eat this sandwich. We heard from a few guests that they found the cheese overwhelmed the sandwich. However, we failed to experience that.

Both Mardi Gras Spain food items make excellent additions to the event. Mardi Gras runs through April 16 at Universal Orlando Resort. As always, eat like you mean it!

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