Review: Blue Plate Burger. Just How Many Times Can a Blogger Eat a Burger at Toothsome?


Yes, I went to Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feats Kitchen again. Yes, I ordered another burger at this place. I have lost count of how many times I have visited this restaurant. The group I usually hang out with like this place a lot. Fairly soon, I will run out of standard menu items to review here, Until then there still exist several burgers to try here. For, I have reviewed several Toothsome burger options like the Tour de France Burger previously. I went through my photo files of things I have eaten at Toothsome. Most of the photos contained burgers and fries in them. I may have a problem. Also, since I ordered the “Blue Plate” burger during my September visit, more evidence reflects my potential burger addiction.

The Blue Plate Burger costs $17.95.

This burger comes with fries. The menu description reads “Half pound house-made patty, grilled meatloaf, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese, roasted corn, toasted brioche (bun), and bordelaise sauce.” The key ingredient of interest with this burger would be the meatloaf. Shockingly, Toothsome serves excellent meatloaf. I have reviewed that meatloaf before. The meatloaf on this burger tasted just as good as the meatloaf entrée. However, I found the meatloaf portion lacking in terms of quantity, unfortunately.

The meatloaf and burger patty itself glow as stars of this burger. The burger patty in combination with the bordelaise sauce creates a solid sensation for your taste buds. This burger does not demand condiments added since it has that sauce. Surprisingly, the bun holds up rather well with all these components held within.

On the negative side, this burger will create a probable mess. At least, I lack the skill to avoid a mess with this one. I gave up after three bites trying to eat it like a handheld burger. For me, this qualifies as a knife-and-fork burger. On this day, the potatoes lacked flavor in this burger. The bun holds it all together but added very little in terms of flavor itself. Sadly, the burger patty got overwhelmed by all the other components. The bun does not compliment the rest of the components as well as the pretzel bun on the May Contain Bacon Burger for example.

The fries tasted average at best with this. However, based on the nature of this burger, I do not think fries or kettle chips pair with it very well. In fairness, I think maybe tater tots would go better. Since Toothsome serves totchos, then maybe that change would work.

In general, this burger provides a good portion size. Also, the flavors provided should satisfy most. Yet, those expecting a standard burger should avoid this. Also, I do wish more meatloaf were on this. Of course, I could just order the meatloaf by itself next time. Maybe, I will order another burger here. There remain a few burgers left at Toothsome for me to try. So, how many burgers can a blogger eat? There is a limit. Still, I have not found that limit yet. As always, eat like you mean it!

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