Review: Adventures Of Buck Wild. A Disaster Of Mammoth Proportions.


When Disney shut down BlueSky Studios in 2021 many animation fans were somewhat sad. Yes they made a lot of Ice Age films, but that was mostly due to each film making tons of money with over $6 Billion in revenue. But they also made great films like Robots, Epic and the highly acclaimed Peanuts. It was sad to see a film studio that was around for 34 years go out the way they did, but at least their legacy wouldn’t be tarnished right?

But when you thought that Ice Age: Collision Course wasn’t bad enough here you have the rotting corpse of BlueSky being paraded around like Weekend and Bernie’s saying “Look, look, we have a new movie. Give us money please”. The latest in the Ice Age series takes whatever life was left from the franchise and whacks it with an ugly stick. With Disney looking for more content for their Disney Plus service they’ll revive any IP they think they can make money off of.


So the film focuses not on the main heroes from the previous films, nor the film’s titular character Buck Wild, but with the Possum Twins Crash and Eddie. They want to “leave the nest” as their older adopted sister Ellie acts like their mother. So they leave and find their way back to the Lost World from the 3rd film Dawn of the Dinosaurs. There they once again meet up with the adventurous Buck Wild and they find themselves in the middle of a conflict with a Dinosaur names Orson who’s large brain allows him to speak. He wants to take over the Lost World with his superior intellect, and it is up to Buck, the Twins and Buck’s love interest Zee the Zorilla to save the day. Meanwhile the rest of the group is looking for the twins.

First off, the animation is garbage. The film clearly had a shoestring budget that looked like one of those direct-to-video Alpha and Omega sequels. Second, almost the entire cast has been replaced with bad impersonators. Every time the characters spoke it hurt hearing the poorly preformed impressions of Sid, Manny and Diego. Not to mention characters like Shira, Peaches and even Scrat the Squirrel are completely absent. The only returning actor was Simon Pegg as the titular Buck. And third the film was an absolute bore. The slow pace and annoying antics of Crash and Eddie kill any momentum this story may have had.

Overall the film gets a 3/10.

Yes if you need something for your three year old to watch they’ll get a kick out of it. But without the same budget, creative team or effort this multi-billion dollar franchise should have just stayed extinct.

One of the film’s producers, Lori Forte, did mention in an interview that a 7th film might be made if audiences wanted it. But with the reception the film has received so far hopefully it will be the last.

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