Reva Force FX Elite Lightsaber HasLab Crowdfunding Campaign Fails


Yet another blunder for the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi mini-series on Disney Plus as long time Star Wars fans seem to turn on the show by not supporting a recent crowdfunding campaign. 

What was originally called the “most cutting edge Star Wars HasLab project yet“, the “Star Wars The Black Series Reva (The Third Sister) Force FX Elite Lightsaber” aimed to give fans of the series the weapon of the franchises’ latest female inquisitor, Reva Sevandar (Played by Moses Ingram).

The campaign was accompanied by the following details:

You’ve seen how we’ve brought iconic Star Wars scenes to life with detailed LED Force FX Elite sabers. But this HasLab project is bringing fans something entirely new: The Black Series’ first integrated double-bladed Force FX Elite Lightsaber. This roleplay item comes with the features you love, including progressive ignition, blaster deflect, battle clash effect, and more. With the coordinated attack technology in the hilt and both blades installed, LED animation and effect sequences play out across the entire 6.5 feet lightsaber! Battle the Jedi™ with both blades at play or just one, you’re in control.

The campaign aimed to sell 5,000 pre-orders for the saber at $500 a pop (with up to 5 per customer) for a total of $2,500,000 to bring the product to collectors. But after a little over a month the item was only able to sell 1,413 units, about $706,500, far below what they were expecting. Because of this the item will no longer be manufactured. 

This is rather embarrassing when other lightsabers such as Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber, The Darksaber and even Lea Organa’s Lightsaber were all able to reach their goals.

The backlash to the Obi-Wan Kenobi series is quite clear with nobody seemingly wanting to buy merchandise associated with the character of Reva; A character that was (according to the original writer for the show) was meant to die at the end of the series.

Source: Hasbro Pulse

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