Reopening Rumors: A Possible Look Into What’s Coming For Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line


This one is definitely to be filed under rumor and a lot of it is what we’ve already mentioned before, but some of it is new.

Apparently, there have been some movement going on about when we can possibly expect parks and the Disney Cruise Lines reopen and what we can expect when they do. Again, none of the information has been officially announced, but this is what is being passed around “supposedly from Disney.”

Disneyland and Walt Disney World

When parks reopen they will likely be at 25% capacity and not all the hotels will reopen initially. Likely to limit where people are. The capacity and hotel issues are what we’ve been hearing as well. I’m waiting for them to open the pricey ones first. However it was pointed out that the good neighbor hotels outside the parks, should be reopening then too.

There will be screenings at the entry gates. If you thought bag check was a line this is going to be worse. Only saving grace is that the capacity will be limited, but everyone has to do screenings.

Right now they are supposedly saying that they are looking to start booking for August at Walt Disney World. Now, August is what I’ve been hearing was a strong possibility for WDW, the issues about last summer have mostly been in regards to the masks. Of course it’s all speculation and who the heck knows anyways.

Another one we’ve heard before is that when they reopen it might only be to state residents initially. Of course that means California only at Disneyland and Florida residents at Walt Disney World.

Disney Cruise Lines

Right now there are no sailing dates through mid-July. But we already knew that. Honestly, I expect that that be longer since Bob Chapek said that Disney Cruise Line will open last and could be a few months.

The safety meeting, that was held on the main deck, could now be virtual instead.

The normal buffets will be removed and you will likely be served food instead. I know a lot of people loved the buffets because you could go at any time and get what you wanted. We have heard this one several times before so I do think it’s a likely change. I also expect this to happen at the parks as well, where buffets will be replaced by meals brought to your table.

Inside cabins might not be used and only the cabins with the outdoor balconies will be used, however I want to point out, those do cost more.

Of course this is all what’s been circulating from our sources (more than one in this case,) but nothing has been officially confirmed at this point. Most of it was already mentioned, but some of the information we posted was new to us (cruise line mostly.) Of course things can change and often do.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Sources: Insider Sources and Inside the Magic


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