Relive the ‘Endgame’ Snap With This Thanos and Iron Man Two-Pack

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Hasbro has been doing a great job since taking over this 6″ line after Toy Biz went bye-bye. Almost every semi-popular and obscure character from Marvel’s past and present has seen a release in this series. Even Deadpool got a few releases. As we know, few people remember that character from the early ’90s X-Men comics. I hope he someday gets the attention he deserves. That would be nice.

What else is nice is how the MCU ended its glorious run. There are two truly amazing scenes in Avengers: Endgame. One is when Thanos punches Captain Marvel out of the movie. The other is when Tony snaps Thanos, his children, and his army out of existence.

This final heroic act by the greatest Avenger was a great way to end the MCU. Yes, the MCU ended there. And no other movies were ever made. We ended on a high note.  Yep. That’s the reality we find ourselves in.

Anyway. We can now relive that exact moment with an upcoming addition to the MARVEL Legends line.

Marvel | Hasbro

This two-pack comes with Tony Stark in his Iron Man 85 suit and Thanos in his battle armor. Each figure comes with a few accessories, including weapons, and interchangeable heads, and hands.

While Thanos includes battle-damaged armor, Iron Man looks to be in pretty good shape. He does have a roughed-up head, though. We know how his armor looks just before the snap and the additional damage the stones do. On the plus side, we do get a post-snap ashy Thanos head.

The pack will be out in August but can be preordered now through Entertainment Earth.

Do you know what would be a great accessory? A bag of dust that has “THANOS” stamped across it. I know; it won’t happen. It would make for a fun gag. Maybe at SDCC? Disney/Marvel branded bags of dust with names of various heroes? It would sell.

Have you been collecting the MARVEL Legends line of figures? How many do you have? Which figures are you waiting to get a physical representation in plastic? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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