Reebok is Making ‘Toy Story’ Mismatched Woody and Buzz Sneakers


According to the Insider Reebok has partnered with BAIT to create a new version of their Instapump Fury model shoes with Toy Story theming.

The sneakers will come deliberately mismatched with the left side being inspired by Buzz Lightyear and the right side being inspired by Woody.

The sneakers come in mismatching colors for each foot. The left side is dressed in palettes of purple and green, referencing tones of Buzz Lightyear. A purple inner collar is set against a green heel pull with “SR” stamped below it. At the top of the shoe is a red Instapump button surrounded by black and yellow hazard stripes. “LIGHTYEAR” is over the green sidewalls, while red stripes appear at the vamp. The right foot is done up in the colors of Sheriff Woody. Complete with black and white cow-patterns at the side panel, light blue denim underlays are placed next to hits of yellow. As a finishing touch, a red tongue tab and heel pull are detailed with mid-western dragonfly motifs, referencing Woody’s neckerchief.

Now the bad news. These are super limited with “only a handful” being produced. No major release is planned.

Booooo! I think a lot of people would buy these, especially if they had them for kids or runners who are fans of Disney. Or other characters like Bo Peep and Jessie, or Bo Peep and Billy, Goat and Gruff. Or Slinky Dog and Hamm.  Let people pick a right and a left shoe!

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Source: Insider

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