Reddit Has a Must Read Thread About The Worst Things People Have Seen at Disney World


I’m sure those of us that have visited a Disney park have seen some things. I can’t imagine the incidents Cast Members see. Reddit has a thread “What is the Worst Thing You’ve Seen at Disney World.” It is full of stories!

Aside from the one tangent about it being “toxic masculinity” to wear joke t-shirts about the expense of Disney. I’m serious, here is what one of the “Magical Moderators” in the thread said “I’m Just Here to Pay for Everything” should probably read “I Can’t Lighten up and Enjoy Myself and My Family.”  Now that I think about it, most of those shirts could probably just be reduced down to “Toxic Masculinity on Board.” Most of the comments and stories are pretty relatable and terrible.

Here are some of the posts:

Kids licking things (which a lot of us have probably seen)

While waiting for the bus at the end of the day there was a family behind us that had multiple adults and one kid. None of the adults were paying attention and the kid was going back and forth dragging his tongue on probably a 10’ section of the railing. It went on for about 5 mins until he decided to stop, the parents never noticed.

It’s been 11 years, I still think about that weekly and gag.

Someone claimed they saw a woman picking lice out of her child’s hair in line for an attraction:

We were in line for Midway Mania….either late 2019 or early 2020… There was a family ahead of us. We’re all kinda nosy people watchers (adults with no kids) so we realize after a couple of mins that something bizarre is happening.

Little girl is in absolute hysterics while mom is hunched over her, messing with her hair. Mom and dad are having a snappy, angry whispered argument.

And then we realize. Mom is picking lice out of this kid’s hair. In the Midway Mania line. To go on a ride with a head rest. AAAAAA. So we told a CM but there was nothing they could do. It was the fast pass (rip) lane and we asked for a later return time, but they couldn’t do much, just let us hang back and put a bunch of groups ahead of us.

When we left the ride, same family was at the exit, still picking bugs out of the kid’s hair right in the middle of Disney. GROSSEST THING EVER.

Another person talks about seeing a father helping his kid pee in the bushes. I saw something like this before too when we got off the bus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Many others chimed in with stories about seeing the same thing.

Apparently a son pulled his dad’s pants down while waiting for a ferry boat.

I watched a family arguing while waiting for the boat to the Poly. The son, maybe seven or eight, grabs his Dad and just yanks his pants down. Dad was free as a bird.

Kids throwing up:

“My husband and I were sitting across from sunshine tree terrace and we saw a kid in a stroller barf everywhere. The dad just kept walking while the mom was running behind him yelling, “we can’t just leave it!” A guest immediately started standing in front of it to keep people from walking through it and maybe 12 seconds later two cast members were there blocking the spot and directing people around it. There was a CM in “office clothes” getting the sawdust stuff they use for vomit and they had called the custodial staff. The bad part was the amount of people who went out of their way to walk between the cast members, therefore walking right through the puke. Most had no idea except when another group on the bench started calling it out play by play. It was so, so gross to see so many people walk through it, ignoring the CMs. Definitely was a reminder to pay attention!”

A poor ex-Cast Member talking about cleaning up after a guest managed to get feces all over the stall and even under the toilet bowl.

I was custodial at Epcot for one month and basically quit on the spot once I had a similar situation involving poo. It was on every surface in the stall and some on the floor of the surrounding stalls. I’m not sure how but it was on the underside of the bottom of the bowl as well. All 3 stall walls. I had been gone for maybe 10 minutes when that happened. Took me about an hour to clean fully because we had certain “dwell time” restrictions for the chemicals we used.

The stories go on and on! You can check the thread out HERE.

What do you think? What was the worst thing you’ve seen at a Disney Park?  Comment and let us know!

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