Rapper Bad Bunny To Star As El Muerto In SONY’s Spider-Verse


It’s well known that SONY is getting rather desperate to develop their own cinematic universe based around the world of Spider-Man. Currently Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web have entered production and a third Venom film is not that far off. But now it looks like another hero is entering the fray. And it’s not one you’d expect.

At this year’s CinamaCon SONY announced that 28 year old rapper Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio aka Bad Bunny has been cast as the D-List Spider-Man supporting character El Muerto with a January, 2024 release date. This marks the first Marvel based film to star a Hispanic-American actor in the lead role.

El Muerto premiered in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 in May of 2006. Juan-Carlos Sánchez is a Luchador who wears a magical mask passed down in his family that gives the wearer super human strength. After his father, Marcus Estrada de la García, was killed he took up the mantel.

Originally beginning as a rival to Spider-Man and challenged him to a Wrestling match. El Muerto later became an ally to Spider-Man and battle the villain El Dorado. He was only seen in this one issue of the comic.

Talk about scraping the bottom to the barrel for characters to adapt. Instead of going for more well known characters like Black Cat or Prowler we get El Muerto first. It’s like if DC made a movie about the Grey Ghost. No offense to Bad Bunny, but this comes off as a little desperate. 

With SONY cranking out film after film in this revolving door of Spider-Man characters you begin to wonder if they’ll end up back where they were in 2014 when they overestimated how much The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would make at the box office when compared to films from Marvel Studios.

Hopefully this will be a decent film, but with the recent box office performance of Morbius it'[s best to be cautiously optimistic. 

Source: Teenvogue

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