Rabies Alert Issued Around the Epcot Area at Walt Disney World

(Photo Credit: Tristan Pratt)

If you are traveling to the area in or around Epcot be aware that there has been a rabies alert issued by the Florida Department of Health Orange County.

The alert is for 60 days and is for a two-mile radius around Epcot Center Drive and Interstate 4.

Health officials found a cat that tested positive for rabies and may have spread it to other animals in the area.

Officials are asking people to avoid:

  • feral cats
  • stray dogs
  • raccoons
  • bats
  • foxes
  • skunks
  • otters
  • bobcats
  • coyotes

“Anyone in the area who was bitten or scratched by a cat in the area should seek medical attention or contact Orange County Animal Services at 407-254-9150.

If you happen to live in the area take these precautions

  • make sure pets have current rabies immunizations
  • secure garbage outside
  • Clear pet food outside

“Anyone with questions about this issue can also call animal services at 407-254-9150.”

It’s very unlikely that you would come across a rabid animal, but stay alert.

Source: WKMG Click Orlando,

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