“Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” Themed Milkshakes at Schwab’s Pharmacy Universal Studios Florida

puss in boots

The “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” movie arrives in theatres on December 21. As a result, Universal Orlando has been part of the promotion machine for this movie. A tasty piece of that marketing system involves three milkshakes themed to the new film. A few days ago, I went to Schwab’s Pharmacy with Universal Food Blog to try these fresh milkshakes.

Puss in boots

When we went to Schwab’s Pharmacy, the Team Members were confused about how to prepare these limited-time milkshakes. As a result, getting our shakes took a significant amount of time. Still, Team Member Lou continued to be very helpful in guiding other staff in preparation for concocting these three milkshakes.

puss in boots

Perrito’s Minty PB & Chip – $9.99

This milkshake contains mint chip ice cream with peanut butter, crushed Oreo, sprinkles, and a “dog” bone. The peanut butter and mint work well with this milkshake. However, the peanut butter resides mainly on the edge of the cup. This placement makes the peanut butter easy to spot for the guest but impedes the flavor combination.

We suggest you mix the peanut butter with the ice cream for the best results. You will taste mostly mint if you do not combine the peanut butter. and chocolate. The chocolate shortbread cookie on top creates a nice touch for the theme. This milkshake suffers from a standard Universal Orlando food issue: everything must be eaten together for the best results.

I enjoyed this milkshake. However, I have spoken with several guests that disliked the mint flavor. Overall, this makes a good choice for a sweet treat.

Puss in Boots Cafe Con Leche – $9.99

puss in boots

The menu description reads, “Coffee and dulce de leche ice cream with chocolate-covered espresso beans and caramel.”  This milkshake comes with a small plastic sword to symbolize Puss in Boots. As opposed to the other two milkshakes, some of the flavorings get pumped in, not layered on the side of the cup. In this case, the caramel gets pumped into the ice cream. I thought the coffee flavor overwhelmed the rest of the milkshake. The chocolate-covered espresso beans on this day failed to bring any authentic coffee or chocolate flavor. I felt the espresso beans added an undesired texture to this mix.

Xavier of Universal Food Blog dislikes coffee. Yet, he enjoyed this milkshake. He said it was his favorite one of the three. The flavor overall creates a decent milkshake. I would have preferred a more robust caramel flavor, however. The quality improved noticeably when the caramel flavor was contained in a bite of this milkshake. In contrast to Xavier, I found this one to be the weakest of the three. Still, this makes a good value overall.

Kitty Softpaws Tuxedo – $9.99

puss in boots This one functions as the “safest” of the three milkshake options. The menu description indicates we will receive “Cookies and cream ice cream, hot fudge, Oreo crumbs, with white chocolate paws.” The white chocolate paw on top tastes like good white chocolate. I enjoyed that candy piece a lot.

On this day, the Oreo crumbs needed to match the quality of the ice cream. This milkshake tasted as you would expect, like a nice typical theme park milkshake. Most people will find this one to be the best of the three options. If you want a combination of cookies and cream with hot fudge, this milkshake will be worth your money.


puss in boots

I love it when theme parks attempt new specialty-themed food items. Even though we had mixed results on this day, these would be worth your time. I want to try these again myself. For your next visit, give one of these a try, or why not all three? As always, eat like you mean it!

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