PSA: There’s No Guarantee You Will Get to Ride ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ at Disney


Just because you go on vacation to Walt Disney World or Disneyland you are not guaranteed a turn on the newest attraction: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

I really want to make sure people understand that even if they go on vacation, and pay a lot of money to visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World, that does not guarantee them a turn on this new attraction.

Why not?

Due to the number of guest trying to ride this attraction, Disney has initiated the Virtual Boarding Group system at both parks.

This means that you and your entire party must be inside Disneyland Park or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, at park opening to have a chance at the lottery that is the Virtual Boarding Group system.

Just being there does not guarantee you get a turn. You can be there first and still not get a boarding pass. It really is a “lottery” on who gets to ride.

It isn’t as bad now at Walt Disney World because it’s been open for about a month and a half. So initial boarding groups stay open for about 10 minutes and then back up groups stay open for about an hour. They have also extended park hours two hours later to accommodate more guests.

But, for Disneyland, it hasn’t even been open for a week yet, so their boarding groups can be gone in less than a minute and up to two or three minutes.

What if I don’t get a boarding group?

Then you can get on the stand-by list if you put in for it in time. They will call you if there’s room.
If you don’t get that then you are most likely out of luck. Only guests with authorized boarding passes are allowed on the attraction at this time.

Other issues:

Getting a boarding pass isn’t the only hurdle guests are facing. There’s the other issue of the ride breaking down. If you check on social media, you can see it’s a frequent occurrence. In that situation the current riders will be allowed to come back later, when the attraction is working again. However, this pushes back other people. Those with late boarding groups could be pushed out entirely.

Then the attraction doesn’t always open on time.

There have been several instances of the attraction not opening until a couple of hours later than it was supposed to. The other day it didn’t open for 7 hours after park opening.  This of course pushes everyone back some and that means later boarding groups would have gotten pushed out.


I would recommend a Park Hopper Pass, especially for Walt Disney World

If you are going to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios to attempt to ride this attraction I would highly recommend a Park Hopper pass.  Because so many people are entering Disney’s Hollywood Studios in an attempt to get a pass, and if you don’t get one you are stuck in that one park all day.  Of course you can leave, but your one day/one park pass is used for Hollywood Studios. If you have a Park Hopper pass you can go to another park.

What’s happening is people are stuck at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, even if they didn’t get a boarding pass, and as a result the park is incredibly crowded. If you had a Park Hopper pass you could leave and go to another park if you didn’t get a a pass, or if you had a later pass, you could leave and come back when you are alerted your time has arrived.

A Park Hopper would also allow you to try to get a boarding pass on more than one day without using up your one-day ticket. That’s provided you don’t mind getting up incredibly early.

Between the boarding pass issues and down-time, getting on the attraction isn’t working out for a lot of people. Over time I’m sure it will calm down enough that they will no longer have to use the Boarding Pass system, but I think it will stay like this for awhile. Plan ahead. Just because you go to the park doesn’t mean you will get a turn on the attraction, even if you get up super early and wait for the boarding passes to go live.

Keep it in mind and temper your expectations. 

I think it’s fantastic that Disney has pushed the envelope and developed such an advanced ride, but I do have to wonder if maybe going so advanced wasn’t the best choice when it is running into so many issues. Hopefully they get smoothed out very soon!

Wishing you all luck on securing your pass!

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