PSA Disney Cast Members Can See You on Dark Rides So Don’t Be Inappropriate


Recent stories are popping up about people doing inappropriate things on dark rides at Disney parks. Usually the one that is brought up the most is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA) PeopleMover in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

I’ve seen many stories posted on various park fan groups talking about how the attraction they were on would stop or how an announcement would be made over inappropriate behavior, leaving a ride vehicle, standing up on the attractions, etc.

Rides like the PeopleMover, Spaceship Earth and The Haunted Mansion have parts that take place in the darkness. Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean that Cast Members can’t see you. There are cameras throughout Disney attractions for this very reason.

On the PeopleMover there is a particular area where you go into Space Mountain that usually is in darkness. One time my son thought he would be a smarty arse and move from one side of the ride vehicle to the other in the dark. He wasn’t in trouble with Cast Members but he was in trouble with me because that was very dangerous and you need to remain seated.

Most recently there was discussion on Reddit about people engaging in inappropriate activity aboard the PeopleMover:

We got stopped on the PeopleMover cause the couple two cars in front of us got frisky in Space Mountain!

It stopped, the lights came on, and the announcement was “we can see you!

Cast Members on different boards have often talked about some of the stuff they see. I guess Grad Night is one of the worst for bad behavior in the dark.

Only secondhand accounts but from a very reputable friend who worked on the Jungle Cruise for a while. Said this kind of stuff happened on grad nights and he would be called to PotC on his break to partake in the shaming.

Some other stories posted on another Reddit thread:

Used to be a CM. We have photo booths in Imageworks in Imagination. Yes despite cameras obviously being there, people still try to hanky panky in there. The crazy part is when they actually snap photos and they appear on the wall on screens where you can get them at. Having to quickly cover them up and get a leader over to make the call to escort them out…fun times

When you enter the first tunnel on Spaceship Earth, they have a monitor showing the image of you produced by an infrared camera with a sign that says something to the effect of “guests violating park rules will be ejected”…. I’m guessing that a lot of shenanigans on that slow-moving 15 minute dark ride led to that installation.

I’ve heard they used to have issues with after-hours events at Typhoon Lagoon…. That lazy river is very dark in places.

I know I have heard stories as well. I know people have thrown trash, spit, etc. too. The point being, they CAN SEE YOU!

Just don’t do inappropriate things on the attractions! It’s not fair to Cast Members and other guests and you can keep your pants on long enough to spare everyone else and not get kicked out of the parks!

Save us all the embarrassment.

Hat tip to: ITM

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