“Project Elephant” Rumored for Animal Kingdom: An Exclusive Reveal


Note the image above is for Animal Kingdom’s holiday overlay. We’re using this image as there are not any current concept art representations of the rumored project we’re revealing.

About a month ago, I covered secret fireworks testing that was about to come to the Magic Kingdom. But after some time had passed and nobody saw any fireworks being tested, a few readers and posters on other forums began to question whether we had gotten that rumor correct. But it turns out we were spot on, as Disney quietly used fuse tests to keep things more hidden… and we’ve now had reports that over the past few weeks, they have indeed been testing the traditional shells in the wee hours of the morning.

Fireworks Testing Article

I don’t bring that up to toot our own horn here at Pirates and Princesses. I say that because the same source is now telling us some additional information about nighttime experiences coming to Walt Disney World during the summer.

You may have already heard that Disney has been running some basic tests for bringing back Epcot Forever. That’s the interim fireworks show they had prior to the pandemic, which is supposed to bridge them to the launch of Harmonious. Now we can’t confirm this, but our strong suspicion is that Epcot Forever will be the first fireworks show to return to Walt Disney World this summer. That could be by only a few days if it happens. Again, we can’t confirm it yet. All signs point to Magic Kingdom shooting off fireworks soon afterwards.

But what about the other parks? How is Disney going to keep guests interested in Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom if MK and Epcot are finally shooting pyro into the sky? Well, again unconfirmed but highly suspected, we think they’re almost certainly bringing Fantasmic back for Hollywood Studios. For Animal Kingdom, however, we’ve gotten word that Disney is working on a totally new nighttime experience.

Internally, we’re being told it’s called “Project Elephant”.

So what is it? Well, it isn’t fireworks. No, instead, it seems based on what we’re hearing that Project Elephant (which will not be its public name once launched) is a nighttime photopass styled experience with extravagant displays. We’re hearing that these backdrops may or may not involve Disney characters, but are guaranteed to feature impressive lighting that could entice a significant number of guests to stick around after the sun goes down.

We expect these special evening photo opportunities to be scattered around Animal Kingdom and to be prominently advertised. How is Disney going to decorate these displays in a grandiose enough manner that guests will want to stay longer in the park? Well, just keep tuning into Pirates and Princesses and we’ll get you that information as soon as it becomes available.

I bet you didn’t see this one coming? We didn’t either. But we have some tremendous sources, and our lead on this one is one of the best. So keep an eye out – just like we called the fireworks before anyone else, this out-of-left-field concept just might be coming to Disney’s fourth gate.

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