Progress Update on Rise of the Resistance and Rumored Issues


A lot of people have been waiting to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge until it has the new Rise of the Resistance attraction opened.

Originally the whole park was to open together, but Disney pushed ahead and opened up the area with only the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction finished. Currently the new section is set to open on December 5, 2019 in Orlando and next year in Disneyland on January, 17,2020.

Rumors have been running rampant about possible reasons for the delay, from track issues to ride vehicles. We will talk about that later in the article.

For now we are going to take a look at the status of the attraction in Walt Disney World thanks to @bioreconstruct on Twitter.  (Again, if you haven’t given them a follow you should.”

Some current looks at the progress on the attraction


We also have some interesting information from SWGalaxysEdge @sw_edge on Twitter. This is another great account to follow for fantastic info on the progress!  I highly recommend them.

Here they offer a look at the crashed ship going into the attractions. The images also come from @bioreconstruct.


Now this is an interesting bit of information that they have shared! It’s a look at the queuing lines for the attraction!


What about the rumors?

Now here’s where it gets interesting. We have been hearing many rumors about possible causes for delay on this ride. From track issues where it was supposedly placed in upside down (yes it is trackless but the system still has to be in place to run the ride) to the vehicles not conforming to ADA standards.

ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reportedly the vehicles were not designed in accordance.

I have been in one of the vehicles for this attraction and I would agree with this because it is a narrow opening.

SWGalaxysEdge has posted more information about this on the WDWMagic Forums (again another amazing resource you should be utilizing)

Here is a quote taken from them (all credit to them!)

Ride car adjustments – I was talking a while back about one “delay” for RotR being the ride cars needed to be converted for ADA riders. See the image below and notice the cars have pocket doors that slide open/closed? For ADA purposes this is not wide enough for a person to xfer to the vehicle. They had to horizontally cut the door area and re-imagineer a way to make the doors safe for the ADS rider (no pinching, etc) and still allow the door to close. At the time, they were going to through several design ideas on what to do.

Image #2 is after the door was been cut, You can see all the potential sharp pointy things that a person transferring might get hurt on. They had to reattach a swinging door that would not pinch the rider. Last I knew, they did figure out what they wanted and have been converting cars ever since. YES they are converting them all. (38 of them)

This kind of goes along with what we’ve been hearing as well. We knew there was some kind of issue affecting the vehicles. SWGalaxysEdge says he is 100% certain about all the cars being altered.

Because of the leaks it’s rumored that Disney is cracking down on cast members and threatening termination.


This also lines up with what we’ve been hearing as well.

Whatever happens I really hope that Disney doesn’t cut corners on this one to get it open on time. We certainly don’t want it breaking down. Especially after Bob Chapek made the comments he did about the Hagrid coaster lines at Universal Orlando Resort.

So far, at least officially, it seems to be moving on track. I am looking forward to riding it.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources: @bioreconstruct on Twitter, @sw_edge on Twitter, WDWMagic Forums,

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