Price Increases Hitting Food and Refillable Mugs at Walt Disney World

(Photo Credit: Chip and Co)

WDWNT has reported that food prices are increasing across the board at Walt Disney World. They also noted that the resort hotel refillable mugs have also gone up from $18.99 to $19.99.

They noted some increases they saw at the Lunching Pad and Casey’s Corner.

Prices are not increasing a large amount but .20 here, a dollar there DOES add up for guests and of course for Disney’s pockets!  Attendance is down and they need to make up that money somewhere. Then all the construction at the park needs to be paid for.

It was also just announced that the new Marvel shows for Disney+ have budgets up to $25 million PER EPISODE. Disney needs to get every dime it can and with these price increases it looks like it’s mostly going for multiple dimes each time.

Here are some of the price increases that WDWNT noticed:

“Mickey Pretzel is now $6.79 (previously $6.59), Churro is $6.19 (previously $5.89).”

“Cream Cheese Pretzel is now $6.79 (previously $6.59).”

“Over at Casey’s Corner, Corn Dog Nugget Meal is $9.99 (previously $8.99), and the Loaded Fries are $6.99 (previously $6.49).”

Today is the start of the new fiscal year. I guess that the money is down at year end, enough to warrant new price hikes.  This is exactly why it’s showing a loss in attendance but an increase in guest spending.  When you raise prices on everything and start adding fees for things of course it’s going to show an increase in money. I think Disney is tone deaf to the reality of the average person’s income and ability to just keep throwing money at Disney owned entertainment and theme parks.

People are already saying that prices are too high. Annual Passholders are downgrading their passes or simply not renewing this year. Raising them higher is probably not the best idea right now. I think we are seeing how much is “too much” for people. I bet this is just the beginning.

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Source: All credit to WDWNT


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