Potential ‘Star Wars’ Disney+ and Movie Slate Moving Forward


Yesterday all the pop culture sites were talking about a Power-Point presentation that was given in France about the schedule for Star Wars moving forward. Two things to mention though: 1. This was back in February before the shut-downs and inevitable cuts and 2. Nothing is there that we didn’t already know about.

Apparently it was leaked that this was the upcoming slate:


We already knew about The Mandalorian season two coming to Disney+ this fall. Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan we knew about as well, but it seems that they Obi-Wan show has been pushed back to 2022 from the original 2021 date.

There are also three, untitled movies listed, again we knew about these moving forward. The dates for them were scheduled two years apart, instead of yearly.

Disney previously said that the issues with Star Wars were due to “brand fatigue,” and not poor choices and a disjointed trilogy. Yet, this schedule would indicate that they are no longer worried about “brand fatigue” with Star Wars shows or films scheduled every year.

The most recent rumor for the Star Wars films had been the “High Republic Era” which we are now seeing in book form. It’s unclear if they plan on continuing with that era for the films moving forward. But with Disney taking the massive financial hit over the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that this slate could change moving forward.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how the films change. It is possible that the Disney+ shows could as well, especially Obi-wan as it isn’t very far along at this point. Hopefully we get the Disney+ shows at least. If Disney decides to move forward on the films I hope they take the time to make sure they either do three separate films, or a trilogy that has direction with set plot points.

Only time will tell.

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