Pork Carnitas Crepes at Central Park Crepes


As we reported earlier this year, the menu changed at the popular Central Park Crepes in Universal Studios Florida theme park. The former savory vegan crepe got replaced with the “Pork Carnitas Crepe.” Universal Orlando has been creating wonderful tastes with pork. Sadly, vegan diners, you lost that savory crepe. Still, the new “Vegan Berry Crepe” provides great flavor. Yet, this review consists of talking about the new pork one.

The “Pork Carnitas Crepes” cost $10.99. The menu board description tells guests to expect braised pork shoulder, grilled peppers and onions, cilantro puree, cotija cheese, and tomato salsa. Just so you know, Universal Orlando does not post the menu of this food kiosk online. So, if you want to find menu pricing for small food/beverage locations, you will need to use sources outside Universal Orlando, like this site.

As you may know, these crepes are made to order. The quality and freshness rank high. However, the waits can be long. Also, no special designated seating connect to this food stand exists. Still, you can find seating across the way near the La Bamba area. If Mel’s Drive-In outdoors seating is not too busy, that is another seating option.

Photo courtesy of brianandamanda.net

Okay, so what did people think of this new crepe? Well, most people voiced very positive things about his crepe. The portion size of this crepe exceeds normal expectations for a theme park snack/meal. The pork preparation provides plenty of flavor and moisture. In fact, the crepe will spill juice on your clothes if you are not careful. Fear of dry pieces of pork should not be a concern. Based on the preparation method, crepes stay warm. If concerned about the warmth of product burning your hand, ask a team member for a second cone to carry your crepe from food kiosk. The pork delivers a touch of sweet style preparation. Not only is the overall portion size solid, but the pork portion size works nicely with this menu item.

In addition, the peppers and onions possess great seasoning. They match the other components quite well. They come sauteed to proper level of softness. Unless you are very unlucky, you will avoid too crunchy or too soggy vegetables.

Photo courtesy of brianandamanda.net

On the negative side, the salsa fits this crepe but could be better. Some guests felt the crepe batter should be more “taco/burrito style” to match the pork and other components. As mentioned, the potential mess factor rates high with this one. Be careful and get plenty of napkins. Guard your stuff against juice leaking out of bottom of crepe cone. I suggest using a knife and fork when eating crepes here. Also, the ingredients tend to fall within the savory crepes. This means guests might take a bite or two without enjoying the full flavor potential of the crepe.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

Finally, if looking for a bit of spick kick with a pork carnitas menu item, this crepe will disappoint you. The flavor works well. However, the pork and salsa provide a theme park level of spice. Having said that, as usual, Central Park Crepes offers some of the best overall value in terms of good theme park food anywhere. As always, eat like you mean it!

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