Pony Rides At Walt Disney World?


Did you know that your kids can ride a pony at Walt Disney World?

It’s true, and this fun time can be experienced at Fort Wilderness at the Triple D Ranch. You do not need to be a guest at Fort Wilderness to experience the Pony rides. You simply just need to get to the Triple D Ranch at the Settlement Outpost at the Fort.

We visited with two children, aged 3 and 8. There are a few options for enjoying a pony ride. You can choose to do one or two loops with the horse. We opted for one loop, and for my three year old, that cost $8. For my 8 year old, she was too tall to ride the ponies, so there was a horse that was described as semi-retired for her to ride. This was a full sized horse. For this one time ride was $16. Together, it cost $24 for both of my kids to take one loop around the track with the pony or the horse. The horse is longer than one may think.

Bandit – a Walt Disney World pony at the Triple D Ranch

The pony rides are guided by a parent after getting some instructions from a cast member. My daughter, on the bigger horse, was guided by a cast member. Children are required to wear helmets when riding which were disinfected before given to my children.

I took my son out on the pony ride with Bandit, a white pony. We were given some instructions such as how to hold the reigns, stopping to allow a bathroom break for the horse if needed, and how to slow and stop the horse. We were then on our way. The pony did stop once to relieve itself, and it stopped me. With a firm tug, as instructed by the cast members, we were back on our way.  My son held on the saddle the entire time as instructed and enjoyed his ride.

My daughter rode the bigger horse due to her height. She was a bit timid at first due to its size, but she warmed up quickly. She had some trouble swinging her leg over the horse to sit in the saddle, but she got it. A cast member led her and Max, the horse, around the track. In the end, she was happy and enjoyed her time.

This is a special activity to do for kids at Walt Disney World at Fort Wilderness. I would highly recommend a visit to the Triple D Ranch for the pony rides and to see the other horses that make appearances around Walt Disney World. There are some artifacts and history facts also at the ranch to make it an educational trip.

There are a lot of fun activities to do at Fort Wilderness including Horseback Riding (for adults), canoe and kayak rentals, carriage rides, a playground, a Sing-a-long, and multiple swimming pools. It deserves a visit during your next trip to Walt Disney World for a resort hopping day.

Have you ever visited the Triple D Ranch while at Walt Disney World? Let us know below in the comments.

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