Polaroid Has New Mandalorian Camera and Film- Features The Child AKA Baby Yoda


When I was growing up I remember my parents buying a Polaroid camera. I remember waiting for the pictures to develop and shaking them around trying to make them move faster. Now Polaroid is releasing a new camera, that looks very similar to the old one, but themed to ‘The Mandalorian.’

Right now you can purchase the camera, film or a bundle to get started!

The PolaroidNow Camera is – $119 and you can find it on Amazon or at Polaroid.com.

The camera offers many features:

  • Autofocus 2-lens system: Capture the Sharpest Memories yet. The Polaroid Now chooses the best lens for the show while you stay focused on the action.
  • Build-in Double Exposure: The force of two frames in one. Shoot stars, layer landscapes, and add drama to your Polaroid photographs.
  • Self-Timer: Make the moment your own with the self-timer. Tap the timer for an extra 9 seconds to get into the frame.
  • Accurate Flash: A more human-friendly flash to make everyone look like they should.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Be ready for every moment with a built-in rechargeable battery and USB charging cable.
  • i-Type Film: Uses our battery free i-Type film that’s easier on the wallet “(I question this.)

The Mandalorian Film for $17.99 on Amazon or Polaroid.com

The film has 8 photos, which I think the price tag is a bit steep on this one. Each photo will print with a Mandalorian image on the bottom.

The Mandalorian Starter Set – $169.99 from Polaroid.

Honestly, you are only saving a few dollars buying the set.

I’m not sure if the theming justifies the price tags here, but these cameras are a lot of fun and bring back a lot of memories. I can still picture my parents’ camera. My daughter has a newer version with Hello Kitty and she loves hers.

Might be a fun holiday gift for an 80’s or Star Wars fan.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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