Pokémon And Nintendo Characters Join Universal Japan Parade

With the recent announcement that Pokémon will be part of a future Super Nintendo World Expansion at Universal Studios Japan it has also been announced that characters such as Pikachu and Mario will be taking part in the Universal Parade, alongside characters like Woody Woodpecker, the Minions, Hello Kitty, Snoopy and more.

Universal Studios and the Pokémon Company signed a multi-year, exclusivity deal to feature the characters from the beloved franchise in their theme parks, and that means more than just rides and gift shops.

Series’ favorite Pikachu, along with other possible Pokémon, will make appearances in the Park’s “NO LIMIT Parade”. With character costumes this also means that meet-n-greats with the adorable electric mouse might be possible. 

Alongside Pikachu and friends is Mario from Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise. We will see the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, along with Luigi, Princess Peach and perhaps even Toad, Yoshi and maybe even Bowser himself.

The parade will feature music from the 1960s all the way to modern day EDM. The end of the parade will feature characters and guests joining together in dancing.

The Parade is scheduled to premier at Universal Studios Japan in Spring of 2022 and will possibly come to the American Parks, specifically Orlando, when the Super Nintendo World Expansions finish completion.

Are you looking forward to dancing to rock and electric music with Mario and Pikachu?

Source: Theme Park Insider

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