Phantasialand: Germany’s Most Immersive And Exciting Theme Park


Disney is arguably the most recognizable name in theme parks world wide. Followed shortly by Universal Studios of course. But due to how large and popular the Disney parks are other worthwhile parks get overlooked. Parks like “Magicland” in Rome, Italy and “Dreamworld” in Queensland, Australia. But today let’s take a trip over to Germany to see one of Europe’s oldest and most popular theme parks.

“Phantasialand” is located in Brühl, Germany, part of the country’s western Rhineland region. The park opened in 1967 by Gottlieb Löffelhardt and Richard Schmidt. Attractions included playgrounds and boating activities. Originally it was meant to be a more traditional family park but as the years went on eventually they added bigger rides to attract more guests.

Over the park’s long history it has featured around 79 attractions, but only 39 of those still stand. This is due to the size of the park itself. The property is rather small when compared to bigger parks, roughly 69 acres. So whenever the park owners want to add a new attraction they usually either remove or re-theme an older one and build the new one it its place.

Also, due to the small size the immersive theming is considered some of the best in the world. Less ground to cover equals more attention to detail.

The park is divided into six main areas. Berlin, Mexico, China Town, Mystery/Klugheim, Fantasy (with Wuze Town) and Deep Africa. Each location has stand-out architecture which is sure to help you find out where you are if you get lost.


A flash back to the early 20th century of invention and innovation. Enjoy traditional rides like a merry-go-round, a Ferris wheel, a chair swing and a fun house, but also the small steampunk themes section called Rookburgh with a roller coaster named F.L.Y. Also enjoy the 3D shooting gallery style dark ride Mads au Chocolate where you save a chocolate factory from rats.


Celebrate the history of ancient Mexico with architecture and décor reminiscent of ancient Aztec and Inca cultures. Enjoy rides like Chipas, a flume/rollercoaster hybrid, Talocan, a top-spin ride and the Colorado Adventure roller coaster which was opened in 1996 by pop singer Michael Jackson.

China Town

A more mellow location that takes you back to ancient China to explore the myths and legends of forgotten times. Attractions include the Geister Rikscha dark ride and Feng Ju Palace funhouse.


An ancient world of castles and dragons. Dare to venture on thrilling experiences such as the Raik and Taron steel rollercoasters, as well as the Master Castle drop tower.


A more child friendly area with a few thrill rides. Experience simpler rides like bumper cars, a crazy bus and monorail; But also experience more exciting rides such as the Winja’s Fear & Force dual spinning indoor roller coasters and the Crazy Bats indoor steel roller coaster with an added VR experience.

Deep Africa 

Venture into the untamed wildlands of African Savanna and the Amazon Rainforests. See if you can tame the Black Mamba steel rollercoaster.

The park usually sees around 2 million guests a year. With the park changing attractions every few years if you visited the park 20 years ago it would feel like a completely different park now.

Video courtesy of Coaster Studios on YouTube.

If you ever want to find a brand new experience outside of the traditional Disney park then Phantasialand is the perfect destination for any adventurous individual.

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