‘Peter Pan’ Sails and ‘Space Mountain’ Seats Have Gone Missing at Walt Disney World


Move over Buzzy, more items have gone missing from Epcot.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, on October 1, it was discovered that $20,000 worth of missing items from Peter Pan’s Flight and Space Mountain attractions. The items were in storage in a shed behind Epcot’s Test Track.

While conduction inventory counts a cast member noticed that a set of sails from Peter Pan’s Flight was missing. Upon further inspection, the employee also noticed that “a shell” and three seats from Space Mountain has also gone missing.  I am not sure what the “shell” is and neither was the Orlando Sentinel as they said “Disney declined to provide more information on what the shell was used for in the ride.”

Of course the cast member reported the findings to the planning manager immediately. Then they contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on October 2, 2019 about the grand theft and burglary.

Sadly the sheriff’s report notes that:

“None of the items taken have unique markings or serial items.”

It was also noted that they were stored in a padlocked shed and, like with Buzzy, it is unknown exactly when the theft occurred.

Cast Members and other people are back in the areas behind Test Track. Guests can also be in that area under certain circumstances. So it is unknown who took the items. But these types of items go for a lot of money and we have seen similar instances of theft and /  or reselling before including the missing character Buzzy from Cranium Command and the people arrested earlier this year for stealing items from The Haunted Mansion.

According to the Orlando Sentinel: “A Disney spokeswoman declined to comment, calling it a law enforcement issue.”

We will report on any more information as it becomes available.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel 

Photo credit: Couponing to Disney

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