People Were Inside the Piled up Disney Skyliner Cars

(Photo Credit: All Access Disney on Instagram)

Apparently people were inside the Disney Skyliner cars that we keep seeing images of.

(Photo: WDWNT)

They were in it when the cars smashed together.  Here is a first person account of being in the blue car from the photo.

(Photo: WDWNT Twitter)

Thankfully no one was hurt, but people were inside those vehicles.

I get that accidents happen, but this was only officially open six days. Maybe they should have fixed the monorails instead of doing this.

Will I ride it? Yes. I would, because I don’t think Disney is going to run it until they are absolutely sure it’s safe. They can’t take more bad press. But they better not call people “negative” for pointing out the obvious.  Something current Disney needs to learn they could learn from Walt himself.

Again. I want to give props to the trained professionals who risked their lives getting people to safety and for all the Cast Members who did whatever they could to get people out of those vehicles and take care of others when they got off. Those are the heroes we need to acknowledge.

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Sources: WDWNT Twitter, All Access Disney on Instagram, and Keep Inspiring Me

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