People are Selling Splash Mountain Water on eBay!


Just when I thought I’ve seen everything people have started to sell water from “Splash Mountain” on eBay. Last night was the end of the line for the attraction. It is now closed and will be transformed into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, opening late 2024.

My friend just sent me links to people trying to cash in on the end of an era by selling water they claim is from the attraction and other people are making jokes at their expense.

First of all what proof does anyone have that it’s actually from that ride? Secondly, Why would you want this? Thirdly, they all are using the same image, but are different sellers. Some of these sellers locations are in other states. While I’m sure that they could have ridden it and driven home by now, it’s odd.

And yet a couple of people have indeed purchased the water.

One write up says they are 4oz and they have 24 available “for now.”  How are you going to get more? How did you walk out with almost a gallon of attraction water?

Another seller (using same photo from other sellers) says it’s “100% Authentic Guarentee.”  Prove it’s authentic (they are also located in Minnesota.) Well it’s actually spelled “guarantee” Maybe they think if they spell it wrong it doesn’t mean the same thing?

If all these people went there to ride and flew home with all this water it was probably an interesting day for Orlando airport security and TSA.

My favorite listing is the one poking fun at all of this and saying what we are all thinking:

For the asking price of $25k you can have a Splash Mountain bag with tap water (which is what I think most of these listings are anyways.)

Here’s their write-up:

Splash Mountain bag and tap water from my sink. Rare Read Description.

This is obviously just for fun and to make fun of the people who are really selling water from a ride. I’m a Disney fan but come one people has the world gotten so doomed that people would buy water from a ride. Smh if you really want this water buy it. I’ll even do free shipping!

Have a magical day!

What we really need is a Figment Popcorn Bucket filled with Splash Mountain water or a drawing of this.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: A friend

Photo credit is someone on eBay. Since everyone is stealing the photo to make a listing I have no idea who to actually credit.

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