Pedro Pascal Shows Support for Gina Carano–Will He Now Be ‘Cancelled?’

Gina Carano and Pedro Pascal on the set of THE MANDALORIAN

If you have been following the drama around Twitter, or Star Wars, or if you follow our pop-culture YouTube channel Clownfish TV, the you know about about Gina Carano and how people on Twitter keep pushing for her cancellation.

What did she do?

It all started when she refused to put pronouns in her Twitter bio. When she did not back down the Twitter mobs started to harass her and she fought back. Then she was in trouble for liking the “wrong kind of Tweets.”  Again, she didn’t back down.

Finally she started making comments that were the “wrong kinds of comments” in regards to her personal beliefs and where she stands on issues like masks and politics.

Because of all of this she has been facing huge backlash on Twitter. To be fair, sometimes I think she just does it to stir the pot, but after all the abuse she’s taken for not backing down, I can’t say I blame her much.

On the flip side Pedro Pascal has become a darling of the same people trying to cancel Carano. He has pronouns in his bio, and even explained to Carano why people use them, when she asked him. A lot of the same people trying to “cancel” her love him.

He posted an image on Instagram comparing Nazi and Confederate symbols to the MAGA hat. Which he did take down and indicated that is not how he meant it.

They are clearly opposite politically. However, they both seem to work together well and are friends. One can vote opposite of you and still be your friend. I know it’s a quite a radical idea for so many people, especially the ones on Twitter.

Now Pascal has come out in support of Carano, sharing artist @cranitys piece.



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I have to wonder if this will now lead to a push for cancellation of the actor because he supported his friend? We’ve seen it before with Marvel actors. Those that supported  Chris Pratt were themselves harassed and then the mob screamed for their “cancellation.”

If studios listen to cancellation mobs on Twitter they deserve whatever financial hits and fall out they get. The people on Twitter, and social media in general, need to understand that people can have different opinions than them and their “cancel” trends don’t actually do anything.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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