Patty Jenkins’s Rogue Squadron Still Being Worked On Despite Delay

Not too long ago Patty Jenkins’ solo Star Wars film, Rogue Squadron, was delayed. The issues surrounding the delay were originally stated as “scheduling conflicts” while another report cited “Creative Differences” as the real issue; something that Lucasfilm has been known for ever since Kathleen Kennedy took her position as Studio Head. Some people thought that the project would eventually fizzle out like Rian Johnson’s now believed to be canceled Star Wars Trilogy. But it appears that despite the delay the film is still being worked on.

Patty Jenkins decided to step down from her role as director of the upcoming Cleopatra film starring Gal Gadot with The Falcon and Winner Solder Director, Kari Skogland, taking over. The reason why she exited the project was apparently to focus on her 3rd Wonder Woman film with Warner Bros. and Rogue Squadron with Lucasfilm. But she will still be credited as both Writer and Producer.

Balancing so many big projects was seemingly too much for her, so at least one had to go. Cleopatra is definitely a big project, especially when it has the 1963 Film starring Elizabeth Taylor to live up to. So instead she will be finishing her trilogy of Wonder Woman films with Gal Gadot and will try to work out her “Creative Differences” with Lucasfilm to finish Rogue Squadron. Personally I think she should have dumped Lucasfilm to make Cleopatra instead due to Kathleen Kennedy’s track record.

The upcoming Rogue Squadron film is believed to release in either 2023 or 2024 depending on when she’ll be finished at Warner Bros. Despite sharing the same name the film does not seem to have any connection to the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Trilogy of video games for the Nintendo 64 and GameCube. Perhaps the film might reference some of the characters to events of the games but it is unlikely. 

Are you looking forward to Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars film?


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