Parade Floats from “Paint the Night” May Go to Disney World


For the past few weeks, I’ve been tracking various pieces of information from some of our behind-the-scenes sources. The information is in regards to the much-rumored, new nighttime parade supposedly coming to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The parade is probably going to be a pell-mell mix-up of Disney Parks’ various nighttime floats, with mixed soundtracks, and potentially new music and a single new float. The retro-to-modern spectacular would celebrate Disney World’s big anniversary event that starts this October.

If you’ve been hanging around Pirates and Princesses for a while, it’s a neat bit of trivia to know that this parade is actually the first thing I covered after being brought on board by Kneon and Geeky Sparkles (Thom and Kambrea).

Our Exclusive First Article on the New Parade

Since that time, I’ve been reporting on all sorts of rumors and news for Disney and Disney Parks… usually I write anywhere from three to seven articles per week, just depending on what is going on. Nearly always we get our rumors right; I think I’ve been wrong three times in the past nine months (I had the opening of Disneyland wrong because Disney personnel themselves believed they’d open up much earlier, Disney elected to open Blizzard Beach instead of Typhoon Lagoon, and we did a Fireworks article recently about testing that turned out to be only a fuse test). So while this latest parade information should be treated as rumor, just know we work hard on our rumors here. It’s our goal to earn your repeated readership.

So here’s the latest that I’ve pieced together from various sources:

We believe that Walt Disney World’s limited-time evening parade, celebrating the anniversary event, will feature at least one, but probably two, parade floats from Paint the Night. For those not familiar with the state of the art parade, here’s what it looks like:

But which two floats do we believe are on the way from Paint the Night? Well, the first float that we’re pretty confident about is the Slinky Dog float and Toy Story associated costumes. The reason we’re feeling bullish about this one is because when we reached out to a reliable source, our cheeky answer was that one of the floats would be bringing a rodeo. It turns out that the Slinky Dog float’s connected soundtrack is called “Toy Story Electric Rodeo”. To our source, we congratulate you on that clever clue!

The other float that we think may be coming to the new parade is the Frozen float. On this one, we can’t spill the beans on where our thinking comes from, and we have to admit that it’s somewhat less likely than the Slinky Dog float. Still, it’s solid enough to report. And seriously, is anyone going to be surprised that Frozen is a likely candidate for joining the anniversary parade?

As for the other floats we expect to see later this year, we’re told that it is going to be a solid mix of pieces from older nighttime parades from all over the Disney Parks world. We’re even told that one of the floats is going to be very old… not sure yet what that means. And again, this comes from a source that’s been accurate repeatedly in the past.

Because we’re putting this information out into the public sphere prior to any public announcement by Disney, let’s run some obvious caveats. Clearly if the pandemic situation were to reverse course in the United States and go in an undesirable direction, any nighttime parade might be delayed or cancelled. You should not base your theme park plans on rumors alone; rather enjoy reading about this potential new feature at Disney World with understanding that it is subject to change. Usually we get things right (like with the recent reveal of how the Lightsaber Experience works in the Star Wars hotel before public reveal), but we don’t always get it 100% just because things happen behind the scenes.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about a mashup parade for Disney World. Are you excited if Paint the Night floats make their way over?

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