Owl House Finale Special ‘Watching and Dreaming’ Rumored Release Date


An account on Twitter has posted a finale special date for the ‘Owl House’ series on the Disney Channel and Disney XD. According to the Disney TV Animation News account, the finale will take place on April 8 and will be 55 minute long special. Since the are not from America the date is listed by day first and month second.

This is the rumored date. Nothing has been confirmed.

Of course many wanted to know where the poster got their information and they claim it was from television guide listings.

The run time is given as 55 minutes. This would go along with the other specials that ran 45 minutes including “Thanks to Them” and “For the Future.” “Watching and Dreaming” will go for 55 minutes and will wrap it up.

As an aside, if you look at the first word of each special it spells out “Thanks For Watching.” Of course this goes along with Season One and Season Two when the first letter of each episode spelled out a phrase reflecting the theme of the season. Season One’s 19 episodes spelled out “A WITCH LOSES A TRUE WAY” and Season Two’s 21 episodes read “SEEK THE KEY FEAR THE LOCK.” Since the third season was shorter they used the first word in the specials instead.

The Owl House began in 2020 and ran two seasons. For the third season it was announced the show would end and be concluded with the three Season Three specials.

If the rumor is correct, you will be able to see the show conclusion on April 8, 2023. Nothing has been officially confirmed.

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Source: Twitter

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