Orange County, Florida Is Sending ‘Strike Teams’ To Ensure Theme Parks Follow CDC Guidelines

(Photo Credit: Fox 35)

Have you heard of secret shoppers? Now Mayor Jerry Demings and other officials are sending in “Strike Teams” to ensure businesses are following CDC guidelines. According to Fox35 they are going to turn their attention to area theme parks as well.

Mayor Demings has said over 3,600 businesses have already been visited in the past two months:

“So far over 3,600, to be precise 3,620, different business sites have been visited.”

Theme parks are next:

“In addition to smaller businesses, the strike teams will be once again visiting major theme parks unannounced very soon.”

Now that it has been announced theme parks can prepare and expect the “surprise” visits, that aren’t a surprise now. Maybe if anyone is violating CDC guidelines the threat of being caught would be enough to get them back on track.

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Source: Fox35

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