Orange County Clarifies that Walt Disney World Will Remain Closed Until At Least April 9th

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Since Walt Disney World refuses to put out a statement on the situation Orange County has.

The Orange County government has confirmed that Walt Disney World is included in the stay-at-home order issued to stop the coronavirus spread. Currently Orange County has 89 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and it’s expected to increase. In an effort to “flatten the curve” both Orange and Osceola Counties have issued “Stay-at-home” orders. Universal Orlando issued a closure statement shortly before the “Stay-at-home” order went into effect.

Now, because of the questions arising from the lack of response, Orange County has clarified by adding “amusement rides and water parks” to the list of “non-essential businesses” that MUST shut-down until 11PM on April 9th.

Walt Disney World has been refusing to update their status with their website still saying they would be closed through March 31st.

Not surprisingly the company couldn’t be reached for comment according to the Orlando Sentinel. This is a bad look Disney! I don’t care if it drops the stocks more, that is going to happen anyways. There should have been a closure announcement made by Walt Disney World in the beginning.

But it’s okay the County made it for them.

Source: Orlando Sentinel




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