Opinion: Was Avengers Endgame the End of the MCU’s Life Cycle?


We have another guest article by Michael Shorkey. This is an opinion piece, but it raises a lot of good points and questions. 

Was Avengers Endgame the End of the MCU’s Life Cycle?

2019’s “Avengers Endgame” is considered one of the biggest films in Hollywood History. Grossing almost $3 Billion and holds the record for Highest Grossing Film of All Time, despite other films making over $1Billion at the box office and profiting more due to far less expensive film budgets. But there has been a trend recently after the End of Phase 3, and that is that Many people have been Checking Out and moving on.

Sorry but Spoilers, at the End of “Avengers Endgame” Iron Man dies, Captain America (Steve Rogers) Retires, Thor decides to leave his people and carpool with the Guardians and Hulk has now become the less angry and less strong Professor Hulk. The Four Pillars that held up the series for over a decade have now fallen. Not to mention Black Widow had died as well. Marvel has been hoping that Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel would be enough to hold the Ceiling up but many controversies from Brie Larson herself in her infamous comments towards “Old White Men” as well as the potentially Faked Ticket Sales and Rotten Tomatoes’s Review Scores being rigged with bot account reviews both Positive and Negative make her too much of a liability.

Some hope was given for Tom Holland as Spider-Man, but in 2019 Sony attempted to opt out of their contract with Marvel and tried to remove him from the MCU, but due to pressure they agreed to extend the contract for a few more years but they most likely won’t renew it again. Sony did offer to sell the Spider-Man rights back to Marvel for $10Billion, but due to Disney’s current financial state during the Pandemic such a thing is impossible. Spider-Man’s departure from the MCU in unavoidable at this point, especially with Sony capitalizing on Spider-Man Spinoff Films such as Venom and the upcoming “Morbius”, and the rumored Nightwatch, Silk, Jackpot, Black Cat, Silver Sable and Prowler films, not to mention the success of Sony Animation’s Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. Sony isn’t letting go of Spider-Man willingly any time soon.

The biggest blow recently came from the passing of “Black Panther” Star Chadwick Boseman, who died after a four year battle with Stage III Colon Cancer. Many people are saddened by his death, I myself wasn’t a fan of his acting, but I feel bad for his family and loved ones. Black Panther was planned to be one of the Next- Generation Avengers along with Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man, but this blow meant the end for those plans. Some “Fans” have been disrespectfully requesting a recast with a different actor or have Black Panther’s Sister Shuri, played by actress Lititia Write, take his place, but it is rather disrespectful to talk about that after he literally just passed away.

But the biggest problem isn’t just those things, the biggest problem was “Avengers Endgame” itself. The 11 Year Story Arc had been completed, many of characters the audience fell in love with are gone and not many of the “Newcomers” or Side-Characters are as strong or enduring as the originals. Not to mention after 11 Years of over 20 films people might feel a bit tired and want to watch something else. Marvel essentially blew their load in Endgame and don’t have much else to offer.

Sure the Disney+ Shows are in development, but why move the Marvel “CINEMATIC” Universe to Television? The lineup for “Phase Four” also seems lackluster with the lack of an Avengers film and the absence of previous characters who were prominent before. Many fear that Phase 4 and onward will just introduce “Marvel Comics 2013” characters which many Marvel Fans dread. The only film people are excited for is the Black Widow Stand Alone movie, which serves as a Prequel film so it can technically still be set in Phases 1-3. After that the enthusiasm has left and may Marvel Fans believe the end of this iteration of characters is over.

So what should Disney Do? Take a Break. Yeah, I said it, take a 5-6 Year Break as Start the MCU again with new actors taking on the roles of the characters, and due to recent acquisitions they can now incorporate characters and storylines they previously couldn’t due to legal reasons. The Fantastic Four, The Mutants and various other properties like Ghost Rider, Blade, Pushier etc. who didn’t appear in the MCU now can in a second version.

Most likely this won’t happen, but if Disney were smart they’d have the good sense to end the current series before it goes on for too long and loses its relevance, just like the Simpsons.

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