Opinion: The New “Leave A Legacy” Walls Are Really Quite Pretty!


If you’ve been to Walt Disney World in the last 15-20 years you’ve likely seen the large “Leave A Legacy” monuments that were in front of Spaceship Earth at the EPCOT entry way. They are now walls that have been re-designed and they are quite pretty!

They large structures were not very attractive, but the idea behind them was actually kind of sweet. The “Leave A Legacy” project was a way to celebrate the “Millennium Celebration” at EPCOT and leave a photo behind. For $35-$38 guests could have photographs of one or two people etched into a one-inch square of metal to be placed on a monolith. It was a way to celebrate the new millennium and the guests.

However, the monoliths weren’t the most attractive features and they were a bit cumbersome visually and it the took up a lot of space at the entrance.

So with the “re-imagining” of EPCOT they were removed and the new fountain was added to resemble the old entry way.

The fountain looks fantastic as well.

For all those people who paid for photos to “Leave a Legacy” they still have the opportunity to find their photos, but now the monument has been reconfigured and is located outside the park entrance. Instead of visually boring monoliths, Disney re-imagined them to be colorful and attractive, which is more fitting with the new look. It works.!

The Leave a Legacy Wall at Walt Disney World's EPCOT is a wall that features photos of guests. Now in rainbow colors.

This is a vast improvement over the original layout and I respect that Disney kept them. They didn’t have to and I do want to recognize when they do something right and well. The new fountain and the new “Leave a Legacy” display are both done right and well.

If you want to locate a particular person or photo on the wall you can do so with your smart device.

Here are the directions:

When visiting Epcot, Guests can use their device to scan the QR code, located at the Leave a Legacy display outside of the main entrance touch points, to utilize the new tile finder search feature. Please follow the instructions on the printed signs – located at each end of the Leave a Legacy displays. Guests can also visit the Epcot Guest Relations team for assistance.

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Source: Disney, Instagram

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