Opinion: If You Are Worried About the Pandemic Don’t Go To Walt Disney World or Universal Right Now


I’ll say this is an “opinion” piece, but definitely take everything into consideration before you visit and do what you feel is best for you and your family.

Walt Disney World was the example of how to reopen a theme park safely, but now I can’t think they are the “gold standard” anymore, unless you are talking about “gold” in regards to trying to make money.

Disney has been upping their capacity, and I sincerely feel it’s beyond the amount they have publicly stated, and now they have just started seating people like they did pre-pandemic.

Sure sometimes they put dividers up, but we keep seeing more and more reports of attractions being completely filled, without socially distanced seating.

So far we have seen reports that they are filling every row/seat on attraction. Some with dividers and some without. Then they were filling it up on the Slinky Dog Dash and Rock N’ Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest and now WDWNT is reporting that they are now filling in every seat for Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Disney is saying it’s because the seats have “high backs” according to Blog Mickey on Twitter:


We were there last September, when it was being distanced and crowds were lower, but even then people weren’t listening and were crowding in here and there. Now, you see photos and everyone is acting pretty much like they normally do at the theme park. Disney just wants to make as much money as possible.

It’s making the wait times shorter but at the expense of the “safety measures” they had in place to reopen and what they’ve promised guests. They are saying that they have gotten guidance to do so, but at this point why distance at all if you don’t have to on attractions? A lot haven’t been following distancing guidelines in line.

Universal is in the same boat, shutting down when they hit capacity. But the capacity percentages at the parks seem to be higher than they have indicated.

Of course this might change after the new year when crowd levels usually drop, but who knows.

Since Governor DeSantis has said he isn’t shutting Florida down again Disney and Universal seem to be pushing the envelope on their established “safety measures.” Of course by buying tickets you agree they aren’t responsible if you get sick, not that most people could prove that conclusively anyway.

This all being said, if you have any concerns about the virus and safety I would wait to go.  Saves you a lot of stress and complaints.

If you aren’t worried about it, I would wait till the new year when the crowds go down and wait times lower. Holidays are simply insane.

Of course this is all my opinion so you do you.

Sources: WDWNT, Attractions Magazine, Blog Mickey


Kambrea Pratt
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