Opinion: Disneyland Guests Are Getting A Much Better Deal Than Walt Disney World Guests With Announcements


Yesterday the Walt Disney Company announced several changes to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. These new and upcoming changes are likely being made to offset the amount of complaints about the Disney cash grabs over the last few years. However, it definitely feels like one coast is getting a much better deal than the other.

While Walt Disney World guests are seeing the immediate return of complimentary self-parking at Walt Disney Resort hotels, their other “perks” are for down the road and pale in comparison to the deals Disneyland guests are getting.

Walt Disney World guests get free parking ONLY if you are staying at a Disney hotel, but Disneyland guests are getting almost two months of $104 one-day-park-ticket options added. The lowest ticket price at Walt Disney World sits at $109 but only for 20 days in mid-August- some of September. Most months, the lowest prices range is $129 and up, the average being more in the $130’s-$140’s range.

So you don’t have to pay for parking that was complimentary and should be given the ridiculous prices Disney charges for their hotels, but Disneyland gets almost two months of $104 one-day-tickets added to the 2023 schedule.

But wait there’s more.

It was announced that Walt Disney World guests would now be getting free digital attraction PhotoPass with their purchase of Genie+. Those visiting WDW can get this “perk” with their purchase of Genie+ (that is around $25/ day.) This change is set to take effect “in the next few months” (or until people forget?)

Meanwhile Disneyland is getting complimentary digital attraction PhotoPass photos for all ticketed customers, for FREE, not Genie+ mandate, starting on February 4th.

As a “thank-you” to our incredible Disneyland Resort guests, we’re excited to make Disney PhotoPass digital photo downloads captured on any Disney PhotoPass available attraction during a park visit, complimentary for all ticketed park guests on the Disneyland app starting February 4, throughout the Disney100 celebration at the Disneyland Resort.

In fact most of Disneyland guest perks have started or will start very soon, while the only “perk” for Walt Disney World guests has started. The rest are “in the coming months.”

Why not make the digital attraction photos complimentary for all Walt Disney World guests, and not just those paying for Genie+, as well? Those guests are paying more for their tickets overall already.

Disney, if you were trying to get some good will here you might have wanted to make it fair across the board. Lower prices at Walt Disney World down to the $109 lowest price for an additional two months of dates too. Make the photos complimentary for all the ticketed guests and not just the ones paying an extra $25+ per day/ per person, someday, when you get around to rolling it out on the East Coast.

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