Op-Ed: Why Disney Princesses Are Awesome


For decades there has been debate around whether or not Disney Princesses are either positive or negative role models for children, specifically girls. In fact Disney themselves has poked fun at them with films like Enchanted or throw away lines in Frozen and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

In celebration of International Woman’s Day let’s see how awesome these lovely ladies are.

First let’s take a look at Disney’s first princess Snow White. While some see her as bland or “not very smart” (as she took the poisoned apple) she becomes an authority figure for the Seven Dwarfs. The filthy and unorganized woodsmen all took orders from the OG girl boss without any help from a man.

Next let’s look at Cinderella, Walt Disney’s personal favorite. She, a hard worker who has to put up with two bratty step-sisters and an evil and manipulative step-mother, shows that she is both dedicated and resourceful. The sequel film Cinderella III highlights her “stick to it” mentality as she stands up to her step-mother (who possesses a magic wand) and refuses to give up.

Next is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She is shown to be kind to all living things.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid is also criticized for “giving everything up for a man”, but she is also a very smart and resourceful princess. Those skills were highlighted in The Little Mermaid television series and even a little in The Little Mermaid II as she is now a wise queen and protective mother.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is shown to be both an intelligent and kind individual as she is the only person who was able to see  through to the Beast while everyone else saw him as just a monster. Seeing people for who they are based on actions and not by appearance is a very good lesson.

But princesses are more than just a girl in a pretty dress. Many princesses are also very hands on in their adventures. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin helped take down the bad guys in both the film trilogy and television series.

Mulan disguised herself as a soldier and saves China from an invasion.

Kida from Atlantis was a proud warrior who eventually becomes queen and fights various threats on the surface world.

Merida fights to free her mother from a curse she unknowingly cast upon her.

Rapunzel, Tiana and Moana all go on life threatening adventures, far away from the worlds they once knew and so on.

The idea that Disney Princesses are just pretty faces that smile and wave is very unfounded. If you were to watch Mulan, Aladdin or Cinderella you would see them as more than just a blank slate. They inspire millions across the world to believe in themselves and to accomplish any task big or small. That is why these amazing characters are indeed great role models.

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