Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge Named One of ‘America’s Best Bars’ By ‘Esquire’


Apparently Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’s Oga’s Cantina was named one of America’s Best Bars by Esquire magazine. They chose 27 bars as the “Best Bars in American 2020.”

I don’t know, I get that it’s neat, since it looks like that bar in Mos Eisley from Star Wars. But besides the atmosphere, which is amazing, it really isn’t that great. Seating is very limited and you mostly have to stand. They try to move you in and out quickly and the drinks were okay, but not “the best in America.”

Over all our visit felt crowded and rushed. You weren’t even allowed to really look around. The prices were high for what you got and the food wasn’t any better than you would get in Pandora or a food court.

Here’s the write up from Esquire:

For many, the first memory of a bar is likely Episode IV’s cantina scene—who didn’t want to hang out there? That would explain the constant lines outside Oga’s Cantina, a part of the Star Wars theme park, Galaxy’s Edge. But it is worth the wait to have that proto–bar fantasy fulfilled. There are smoking drinks in neon colors, a starship pilot turned DJ, and—who knows?—Han Solo might just slide in next to you. 351 South Studio Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Florida —Adrienne Westenfeld

It is always busy and hard to get into, and the atmosphere is amazing, it like the author says, it’s more about the “proto-bar fantasy.”

Here’s a look at Oga’s from when we visited:

You can find the menu HERE.

This is a list of some of the options:

If you get the chance to check it out I recommend doing so, the atmosphere is the best part. You do need advanced reservations to go there, so if you want to visit make sure you book it.

Congrats to them for being listed as one of the “best bars,” even if I don’t agree. I’m also a bit jaded after being around the marketing world and I know that Esquire is owned by Hearst. Hearst is partners with Disney on ESPN and A&E, and they chose the one in Walt Disney World only, when the one in Disneyland is identical. They could have just said both, but only one is open right now. It’s just makes me go hmmm.

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Source: Esquire, Comicbook.com, Wikipedia

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