NUNUNU Releases “Gender Neutral” Star Wars Apparel For Kids

0 has announced that NUNUNU will be making “gender neutral” Star Wars themed clothing for kids featuring Classic Trilogy Star Wars characters and icons like Darth Vader, the Death Star, R2-D2 and Chewbacca. So basically normal Star Wars clothes that have been around for years as the franchise is meant to be for everyone.

How is this even news?

This isn’t about “gender neutrality.” Even the designers said they picked from what’s popular and comfortable and their styles tend to be “gender neutral” but it was making it about identity and gender. There are even dresses in the collection. There’s a great range of pieces from tops and pants to dresses and jackets in this collection. What’s on your checklist for what must be incorporated into each piece? I imagine comfort and mobility are on the list.

Tali Milchberg: Exactly! Our first and most important factor in any of our collections is creating extremely comfortable yet cool pieces that we would literally wear ourselves. For the Star Wars-inspired collection, we started with the most beloved nununu silhouettes, most of them being gender neutral, and went from there to add specific elements to each style.

The designs are cool and boys or girls would have asked for them either way. What? Because it isn’t pink or blue they are “gender neutral?”  You know how many times I’ve worn Star Wars clothing that was unisex? A LOT!

Let’s focus instead on how absolutely cool the clothing line is. The “gender neutral” thing is just a bunch of buzzword BS to try and sound more 2020. But the fact of the matter is, these clothes are simply fun with great design. That’s all they ever needed.  (Good job designers!)

Take a look!

If people were going to complain about anything complain about the prices! $97 for a kids dress. I mean I wouldn’t pay that for an adult size dress, although I would wear the dresses in this line if they came in adult sizes and more reasonable prices.

The sizes come from New Born(NB) through 12/14.

Notice it’s CLASSIC Star Wars again!

It’s really funny to me because asked the designers about Star Wars and they talk about how to make it recognizable. It is the CLASSIC version they go to! When it comes to including classic Star Wars themes, phrases, and characters in the designs, what’s essential for making the collection feel fresh and new yet also authentically, recognizably Star Wars?

Iris Adler: We love everything about Star Wars, and when we started designing the collection, we wanted to unite our passion of elevating fashion basics with the classic elements of the Star Wars we grew up on – with a modern twist. Having these iconic characters that have been loved for generations as inspiration, we just had to incorporate our edgier aesthetic when bringing the collection to life, which we hope old and new fans alike will love.”

At the end of the day they are cool Star Wars clothes made for kids who love Star Wars. It isn’t about anything else, so why make it that way?

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