North Carolina Proposes “Mickey’s Freedom Restoration Act” To Poach Walt Disney World From Florida


In what feels like an incredible waste of North Carolina taxpayer time and money for a “joke”, Democratic Senator Michael Garrett along with fellow Democrats Chad Chaudhuri, and Sydney Batch have filed Senate Bill 594 called the “Mickey’s Freedom Restoration Act.” These senators want to create a committee to invest time and money into finding “strategic economic incentives” to encourage theme parks to relocate to North Carolina, mainly Disney. They also want to encourage current parks in North Carolina to expand.

I’m serious about taxpayer dollars for this. They want to use $750,000 for an 11-member “commission” to see if it’s worthwhile to court theme parks to the state. 3/4 of a million dollars to see if it’s worth pursuing.

He argues that he’s “trying to make Disney World more accessible and affordable to North Carolina families.” Not sure how given that it’s a big tax dollar spend on a committee, and then on the infrastructure and tax incentives necessary to attract a company like Disney.

They seem to be using the situation with Disney and Florida’s governor to gain publicity and leverage the idea. But the reality is that big theme parks like Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando can not uproot themselves to move to North Carolina. Logistically and financially, it’s not feasible. It’s also unlikely that this bill would pass in the first place.

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