Norman Reedus Hints At Possibly Playing Ghost Rider In The MCU


For some time actor Norman Reedus, known for playing Murphy MacManus in The Boondocks Saints and Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, has on multiple occasions shown his desire to portray the motorcycle rider from Hell, Johnny Blaze, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many fans of the actor have also expressed their desire to see him as the Marvel anti-hero as well.

Ghost Rider has appeared in films before. In 2007 he was played by Nicholas Cage in the Colombia Produced Ghost Rider with a sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, following in 2011. After Colombia Pictures didn’t make new Ghost Rider films for some time, the rights to the character eventually reverted back to Marvel.

A recent social media post made by the actor seems to be adding file to the fire. On his official twitter account, the 52 (soon to be 53) year old actor shared a link to an instagram fan page (@marvelmovies) that showed off some impressive fan-art (drawn by @mizuriau) of the actor as Ghost Rider:

The image’s description stated:

Marvel Studios has reportedly chosen an actor to play Ghost Rider in the MCU. Since the news broke, Norman Reedus liked multiple tweets about him portraying the character. Are you guys happy with Norman as the MCU’s Ghost Rider?

Now this can be taken in multiple ways. It could either be the actor trying to get some more buzz behind him trying to land a deal with Marvel, or it could be him hinting as a possible future announcement of him being cast.

Funny enough this isn’t the actor’s first foray into the world of Marvel as he played the character “Scud” in 2002’s Blade II from New Line Cinema.

Now for the elephant in the room. Yes, the MCU technically does already have a “Ghost Rider”, but it isn’t the Ghost Rider we all know and love. This was the Roberto Reyes version, the version that drove a car. First introduced in 2014, he was of Mexican decent as part of the wave of “more diverse re-imaginings” of the Marvel Universe at the time.

Though he has made very few appearances since his debut. He was played by actor Gabriel Luna in Season 4 of the Agents of Shield TV series. However he has made zero appearances as the show has since ended, so his return may not be likely.

What do you think? Would Norman Reedus make a good Johnny Blaze? 

Source: IGN

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