No, There Is Not A Pixar Version Of Harry Potter Available on Disney+


There is a new rumor that has the internet buzzing. This one alleges that there is a Pixar version of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” on Disney+. But it is not true.

Where did the rumor come from?

The rumor originated on TikTok of course, from @tony.aube.

In the video he allegedly pulls up the video and it runs part of it as if it were a film, except it isn’t real. It’s another AI generated hoax using the Pixar AI generators (why else do you think he used Pixar as the maker of the film?)


@tony.aube who else is watching this tonight? #harrypotter #pixar #dramione ♬ original sound – Tony Aubé

While one of the best uses of AI trickery with a Pixar generator, it is still just an AI hoax. This of course upset commentors.

“I’ve never opened Disney+ this fast and was crushed it wasn’t real” – Denise

“my boy went above and beyond to kill everyone’s dreams. you can thank A.I. for the video ” – Made.It.Legendary

“i should have checked the comments first i went straight to disney plus lol” – B*Blest

“lol, the thumbnail says Disney Pixar but then it shows WB. Disney would not allow WB on their app” – Rockmonix

Rockmonix brings up the first point that came to mind when I saw it too. It it were true, which it isn’t, it likely would not go up on Disney+ due to rights issues and two places both wanting it on their service.

At this point, if it seems to be Pixar related question it.

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