No Tasting Lanyards for Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando in 2022

This week continues filled with announcements about Mardi Gras 2022 (Feb 5th through April 24th) at Universal Orlando. On Thursday January 13, 2022, announcement for concert lineup happened. Also, Universal Orlando updated their website to display many food options.

In addition, more details arrived about parade operation and guest throwing beads. Though the final announcements about the Mardi Gras food usually happen much closer to first day of Mardi Gras, we received a few.


A map of the in-park food locations appeared online. Furthermore, two food trucks from the holiday event have returned. Based on change in color scheme and background, we suspect the Nashville hot chicken food truck to be open during Mardi Gras.

However, a blow to the stomachs of many Universal Orlando Mardi Gras veterans arises out of the blue. Based on social media posts by Universal Orlando, a tasting lanyard fails to be offered this year. In previous years, guests could purchase a tasting lanyard for food in park. Though the price varied based on how many “samples” you desired to purchase, the value existed for guests. When pricing a tasting lanyard against buying similar items at a food festival at Epcot, the Mardi Gras lanyard reigns as phenomenal food value. For example, the annual passholder lanyard last year entitled guests to 15 samples for about $4.33 each.

In fairness, we lack official information about pricing and procedures for the Mardi Gras food “samples” this year. Universal Orlando could be learning from mistakes of previous years to create something different. Universal Orlando conveyed via social media that food and beverage card would be sold in place of previous lanyards.


However, officially, Universal Orlando kept most of details to themselves at this point. We know officially that annual pass discount may be applied to these food and beverage cards. Annual pass discounts did not apply to the previous lanyard system. Yet, annual passholders could purchase more samples at a lower price per sample than other guests.

Though much speculation surrounds the food and beverage card in terms of procedure and cost, the in-park Mardi Gras food promises to be worth your time. Now, the question remains how much time? Does this change make food festivals at Epcot and SeaWorld more appealing now? Should guests spend more time enjoying Mardi Gras food outside the parks in CityWalk and resort hotels? Will pricing remain same for Mardi Gras items sold at food trucks and food tents compared to last year?  These are all questions that lack official answers?

One last thing, at time of writing, Universal Orlando confirmed via social media that lanyard from 2021 will still work this year. If you still have one, then please take advantage of that.


Mardi Gras persists as a high-quality event. However, this year’s event might be less about food than in previous years depending on price point and value of food. I will be there for first of Mardi Gras so set notifications on our social media channel at Facebook or Twitter to get updates. Let the good time roll!

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