No Part of Indiana Jones 5 Will Be Filmed in Georgia


Ray Charles loved Georgia enough that he sang an entire song about the state. While a more nuanced view of the deep south state is in order, it has been much maligned as of late in the more progressive circles due to its recent legislation for voting procedures and protocols. As a result of the legislation, director of Indiana Jones 5, James Manggold, has determined he will boycott the Peach State for an unspecified length of time. We can now confirm that no part of Indy’s latest adventures will be filmed in the tax-haven that is Georgia.

Most of the filming industry use of Georgia focuses on areas near or in Atlanta, as well as other metro areas such as Savannah. These areas are very high, percentage-wise, in national minority demographics such as individuals of African descent, individuals of Asian descent, etc. The use of Georgia is due to a state tax haven status for filmmakers. But just as the removal of the All-Star baseball game from minority-rich Atlanta to mostly-Caucasian Denver will harm minorities more than anyone else, so too does the call for boycotting Georgia by film directors, actors, and the industry at large.

“I will not direct a film in Georgia.”
– James Mangold

The framing of the legislation has been interesting to watch as well. The legacy media, as well as the feeder blogs below them, have all presented the law as a return to oppressive times in the deep south (i.e. South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana). Some of their coverage has been accurate, but much of it has been told in such a way as to resemble propaganda. Take for example the idea that people in line to vote can’t receive water while they wait. Now, you’d have to turn off the thinking part of your brain to actually believe such a thing, but that hasn’t stopped the media from printing it and consumers from gobbling it up. Take a look at this quote from

“Another rule prohibits anyone except poll workers from giving water to voters waiting in line and prevents anyone from handing out food and water to voters within 150 feet of a polling building, inside a polling location or within 25 feet of voters standing in line.” — Sandy Schafer

CBR Coverage of James Mangold’s Georgia Boycott

Well, that’s actually just flat-out untrue… and while Georgia does have its problems which I don’t deny, being able to receive water while waiting to vote isn’t one of them. Upon actually reading the law, what it really says is that people associated with political campaigns or the political process can’t gift anyone anything near the voting site. That sort of makes sense, right? And while that would theoretically include bottled water, you can still bring any drink you would like to the line if you are so inclined while waiting to vote in any part of Georgia. You can also have water, or any other beverage (I recommend a Starbucks iced coffee if your budget allows), delivered to you by commercial means, by family and friends, or by kind volunteers in the odd event that voting lines take any significant amount of your day.

What seems to be the real issue is Georgia requiring photo identification for voters in order to vote early. Considering you need photo identification for a lot of mundane things during the day, that doesn’t seem to be all that intrusive. But it does have one side of the politicos up in arms. We’re not a political site here at Pirates and Princesses, but sometimes it’s really hard to tell a Disney news story without providing the political context around what’s happening.

Now, as for Indy 5, we’re hearing more and more that this is the swan song for a lot of people. And like you (probably), we’re hearing that Kathleen Kennedy may be leaving Lucasfilm when her contract is up. However, we should caution everyone that we don’t believe anybody will know what is going to happen in that regard until at least June. We don’t want to say why we think that, but suffice to say we’re not going to make a call unless we have rock solid evidence… and we don’t at this time. We do know that she will be on the set of Indiana Jones 5, as will her husband, and that everyone is spending a huge amount of effort on a movie that isn’t likely to be the financial success of the prior movies in the franchise. And, just as we’ve said before, this film is exceedingly difficult to make; one injury to Harrison Ford, and the show is over.

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