No Disney Can Not Just Move Walt Disney World To Another State


For some reason people on social media keep trying to argue that because Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, ended the Reedy Creek Improvement District, Disney should just move to a “blue state.” This is silly for a number of reasons.




  1. Walt Disney World is huge. It was literally it’s own city. There are four theme parks, two water parks, dozens of resort hotels, a shopping district and more. It’s 43 square miles. The expense to move this park would be unbelievable and it’s ridiculous to even suggest.
  2. Just because a state is “red” or “blue” now doesn’t mean it will remain that way forever. Say Walt Disney World is moved to another “acceptable” state. What happens when that state is no longer “acceptable?”
  3. Florida, like California, has a climate that allows the park to be open 365 days a year. Once upon a time Disney had plans for another park near Washington D.C. but it was scrapped. One of the reasons was likely the weather.
  4. What about all the 77,000 people that would be put out of work if Disney were to leave Florida? Disney is fighting paying them a livable wage as it is and now they should all be jobless because you don’t like Ron DeSantis. Most of the people complaining do not even live in Florida. Including Keith Olbermann, who lives in New York.
  5. Disney isn’t fighting the changes because they will still receive benefits from the new district. Most of the other special “Improvement Districts” were completely dissolved, but Disney still keeps theirs. While they will lose the right to build a nuclear power plant or airport, they might now also have to pay their fair share in taxes, instead of constant lawsuits to get an assessment they like. But they will still have infrastructure help, emergency service improvements, more checks and balances for safety and construction. Some of this will now be state run, so in some ways they will likely save money.
  6. Disney has other contracts in Florida that in some cases last for years. They can’t just up and move.
  7. Florida offers easy access for guest from around the world. They also operate their Cruise Line out of the state.
  8. Moving to another city would require the city to pay millions in new infrastructure. Tax payers would likely receive the burden. If Walt Disney World could be moved, it isn’t going to move if they have to pay for it. So put the burden on others because you don’t like Ron DeSantis?
  9. Ron DeSantis isn’t going to be able to control how much “diversity and inclusion” Disney puts in their films and shows. He can threaten, but while he has power over the theme park he does not currently have power over their content creation, which is mostly based in California. While we are on that subject a lot of people seem to forget that Disney keeps removing  “diversity” when they want to run films in other countries like China. They are quick to back down when it comes to money. So I do not think they are going to be willing to take massive losses to move a theme park over some people being upset about this misconception that Ron DeSantis can control Disney entirely. Disney shafts minorities on their own without any help from politicians.

Another suggestion offered was that Disney should just shut down in Florida for a month:


  1. Given how Walt Disney World is what they aren’t offering many discounts on, because it drives most of their theme park money, they are not going to do that. It would cost them far too much and they are struggling to begin with. That is why they just restructured again.
  2. Great idea! Let’s put the already underpaid Cast Members out of work for a month. Or should Disney shut down to spite DeSantis and pay Cast Members for the month they are laid off? They aren’t offering them fair pay to begin with, which is leading to contract disputes.

Maybe instead of campaigning for something virtually impossible, you instead ask Disney to take money and pay Cast Members better. Or ask them to not dispute property tax assessments that would provide money to benefit the greater good, providing money for schools, roads, parks and public health programs.

Disney is not going to move their theme park out of Florida because of Ron DeSantis.

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