No “Chance” In Hell PB&J Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando Food Review


Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando continues to be an ever-changing event year to year. With few exceptions, Halloween Horror Nights rarely duplicates the houses for example. There exist some prequels and sequels, of course. Still, one of best parts of Halloween Horror Nights revolves around 10 new houses and 5 scare zones each year. Related to that, Universal Orlando, in recent years, rotates out most of their Halloween food. Sure, “Pizza Fries” and “Twisted Taters” seem to never disappear but most Halloween food changes each year. However, the “No ‘Chance’ in Hell PB&J returned this year.

Even though “Chance” fails to appear at Halloween Horror Nights this year, her memory lives on with this food item. You can find this in Gramercy Park area of Universal Studios Florida theme park. In that same food booth, you can find returning items from last year like fried Oreos also. Yet, this year’s version comes with a few adjustments.

Photo courtesy of Shelby Castle Universal Orlando Vegans
Photo courtesy of Shelby Castle Universal Orlando Vegans

The preparation pattern was changed to allow this to be a vegan friendly item. This was accomplished by eliminating the honey drizzle previous on this creation. This year, this fried PB&J costs $6.99 but more about that price later. The No “Chance” in Hell PB&J consists of a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich, hot maple syrup, and chili flakes. Supposedly, this year the sandwich is not just an “Uncrustable.” Yet, it still looks like a well fried one. If the chili flakes concern you, only a very small amount of them are on this.

Even though this functions as a simple item, the flavor deserves praise. Sure, you should be careful of potential mess factor. Yet, the yummy goodness inside this fried sandwich provides a bit of simple comfort food for during your Halloween Horror Nights evening.

So, you know, some drama developed with this menu item when menu boards went up. This item originally was priced at $14.99. Universal Orlando has this habit of putting up menu boards then changing things later. However, people who paid far less last year were shocked to see that $14.99 price though.

At $6.99, these make a reasonable Halloween treat. If looking for something fried and sweet, Universal Orlando made this just for you. As always, eat like you mean it!

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