New Zero Waste Disney Initiative: Food Waste Bins in Disneyland

Galactic Grill cast member at Disneyland posing with new food waste bin

Disney has been making strides to become a more sustainable company. The company is striving to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. They recently began using plastic-free packaging for their dolls. Another zero waste Disney initiative is to contribute to this goal includes proper recycling within Disney theme parks. New food waste bins are currently being tested at the Galactic Grill in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. They’ve been in place since June. 

One of the draws of Disneyland is definitely the food. With so many things to try, there are always some leftovers. Park-goers are left with the decision to try to save the food for later or throw it away. Many ultimately choose to dump the leftovers in preparation for their next snack or meal. 

There are about 100 places to eat at Disneyland. Workers sort food waste behind the scenes, but with the goal of being zero waste by 2030, they need a little help! 

Throughout the park you’ll find trash bins side by side, one for mixed recycling and one for trash. At the Galactic Grill there is now one extra bin for food waste. This test bin is to help encourage guests to sort their food waste. 

Disneyland has stated it already diverts about five million pounds of food waste from landfills each year. The waste is converted into crumbs. These crumbs supplement animal feed for farmers all across the country.

Although it may be an extra step in getting on with your day, but it’s a small price to pay to help the environment. 

A similar waste bin system is in place in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. It will be interesting to see if the theme park expands the program to other restaurants throughout the park. 

zero waste Disney trash and recycling bins

The company has made other moves to promote a zero waste Disney persona. They recently partnered with sustainable cleaning product company, Blueland. The partnership brought us reusable foaming hand soap dispensers. 

Learn more about Disney’s environmental sustainability initiatives here.

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