New Wizarding World Merchandise in Tribute Store Universal Studios Florida

wizarding world

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter makes up the second room of the Holiday Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida theme park. As usual, the Visual Merchandising Team designed several well-themed rooms for this Tribute Store. Recently, several new Wizarding World merchandise items arrived in this store. In fairness, one or two of these items might have been around for a while. Still, I do not consider myself an expert on merchandise at Universal Orlando Resort. However, I know most of them are newly arrived items to the Orlando theme parks. These include plates, bowls, towels, spoons, and backpacks.

wizarding world

Recently, I entered the Tribute Store casually to meet up with someone. While walking through the second room, they pointed out these new Wizarding World merchandise items to me. After that, they told me they had seen these items on a blog about Universal Studios Hollywood. I smiled and said thank you for showing me. These items can be located on your left as you enter the second room of the Holiday Tribute Store.

wizarding world

Wizarding World Plates – $17.00

 The Tribute Store currently offers four different styles of Wizarding World plates. One plate offers some bright colors with several different Bertie Bott’s candies seen on it.

If you prefer the classic Bertie Bott’s logo instead, the Tribute Store also sells some of those. In addition, these plates display two popular quotes about Bertie Bott’s candies.

wizarding world

If you want a chocolate frog on your plate, a very fine-looking one exists in the Tribute Store. The frog resides in the center of the container. The word “Chocolate” appears above the frog and “Frog” below it.

The fourth plate is displayed away from the other three in the Tribute Store. This plate offers a larger graphic of the spiral Honeydukes logo.

Each of these four plates has a white-colored bottom portion. On the bottom of each dish, we see the washing instructions as hand wash only. Also, guests are warned not to microwave these.

Honeydukes Measuring Spoons – $25.00

 If you are looking to add some magic to your kitchen area, these measuring spoons will help. Also, these measuring spoons display the Honeydukes circular symbol on each scoop. The spoon sizes range from one-fourth of a teaspoon to one tablespoon. Each of the measuring spoons comes attached together for display purposes. A chain holds them together, which you could leave attached or remove depending on your kitchen needs or desire to display them.

Chocolate Frog Bowl – $29.00

This bowl comes complete with a chocolate frog inside the bowl. Alas, you will not be able to eat this frog. The chocolate frog should amuse Wizarding World fans in the bowl., however. The chocolate frog in a bowl could also be an unpleasant surprise for an unsuspecting dinner guest. Still, this bowl would make an excellent display piece.

wizarding world

Based on the design of this bowl, this should not be microwaved or placed in a dishwasher. This ceramic-style bowl fails to be designed for those options.

Bertie Bott’s Bowl – $29.00

This candy bowl features Bertie Bott’s candy logo in the center of the bowl. The outside of the bowl contains quotes about the Wizarding World candy. For example, on one side, we receive a reminder that “every flavour unimaginable” can be purchased in a supply of Bertie Bott’s candy. Yet, on the other side of the bowl, we receive a reminder that we might get more than we expect with each of Bertie Bott’s candies.

The bottom of the bowl reminds us not to place this in the microwave and to hand wash only.


Honeydukes Tea Towels – $20.00

The Wizarding World brand has you covered with these Honeydukes for decorative towels. You receive two towels for your $20 before applicable discounts.

wizarding world

On one towel, we see a classic pink color with a Honeydukes symbol in the middle. Green fabric completes the design at the bottom to include the traditional Honeydukes colors.

The second towel shows the Honeydukes striped design. The Honeydukes symbol appears lower on this towel, however.

Honeydukes Mini Backpack – $82.00

A new Honeydukes mini backpack arrived for Harry Potter fans visiting Orlando. In addition, this mini backpack comes with a small zipper pocket in the front. The zipper pull attached has the Honeydukes spiral symbol. Also, the Honeydukes symbol appears near the top of this backpack.

wizarding world

This backpack contains many symbols and names of popular Wizarding World candies and beverages. For example, we see words like “Pumpkin Juice,” “Chocolate Frogs,” and “Exploding Bonbons” on this mini backpack.


A pink-colored interior to this mini backpack completes the Honeydukes design.

Whether you use these items for practical or collectible purposes, these Wizarding World items will make excellent presents for Harry Potter fans. Which of these interests you the most? Is it plates, bowls, towels, spoons, or the backpack?

Do you have a friend that would love some of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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